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November 23, 2014

Ferguson ‘Secret Army’ – Martial Law Prep Across America?

By Live Free or Die

With potential widespread violence and civil unrest temporarily on hold, the mysterious men in black and tan from the Boston marathon bombing may be back in the picture, in Ferguson, Missouri, as seen in the 1st video below from TheAlexJonesChannel. After the Boston bombing, many ‘conspiracy theories’ unfolded that the people seen here were mercenaries, either from The Craft International or Academi (formerly Blackwater/XE), and were the people truly responsible for carrying out the false flag attack. Are mercenaries once again in Ferguson, Missouri, planning evil behind the scenes? The 2nd video below from BPEarthWatch gives us all the signs we need to show that something very evil is being prepared for Ferguson Missouri that may jump-start martial law across America.


The photo below from Boston after the bombing; are these some of the same guys seen in the 1st video above in Ferguson, Missouri?


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