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* Prepare For Utter Mayhem And Carnage In US Cities As Over 120 Locations In America's Biggest City To Be Hit By DHS 'Gas Exercises' While Critical Infrastructure Is Dismantled - 'They're Coming For Essential Workers First, Then They're Coming For The Rest Of America'
* With Death Panels Here, Imagine Barcodes On Americans Foreheads To Scan Vax Status Now Dead Ahead: Left Joins International Community In Damning All Of Humanity Into Slavery And Dictatorship
* Throw Down The Gauntlet And Stand Firm, America, Or Die As Cowardly Slaves - We've Reached A Point Where Only Nationwide 'Resistance' Will Allow Americans To Defeat Tyranny, Again
* Extremely Creepy Examples Of Liberals Breeding And Raising Insane Social Justice Warriors Who Turn Into Radicalized Extremists - The Fight Against This Craziness Has Just Begun
* As America Rapidly Advances On The 'Timeline Towards Tyranny', Recent Events Prove Millions Of US Military Members And Vets Pose A Dire Threat To The Globalists Totalitarian Agenda - Democrats Want Supply Chain Chaos To Later Ride In On A White Horse Offering Communism
* There Will Be NO Unity In America Until Tyrannical Liberalism Is No Longer Tolerated - DoNotComply Movement Explodes Into Action As Walkouts Hit Airlines, Trains, And Hospitals Over Vax Mandate
* Now A Shortage Of Survival Foods Hit America - Augason Farms First Company To Announce Suspension Of New Orders Until At Least January 2022 Due To Supply Shortages
* Globalists Warned Of A 'Hunger Pandemic' Ahead Of The 'Engineered Famine' And 'Reset Of The US Food System' Now Pushing Us Towards The Brink Of Starvation
* New Store Signs: 'Due To Supply Challenges' Your 'Favorite Varieties' May Not Be Available - Reader Images And Request & Preparation Suggestions
* As Leftists Push For The 'Harshest Forms Of Communism' For 'The Greater Good', We've Been 'Granted The Role Of Defending Freedom In Its Hour Of Maximum Danger'
* Experts Warn Supply Chain Crisis Will Last Well Into 2023 - Not Being Reported Honestly By The MSM (Big Surprise There!)
* Biden 'Woke Dictatorship' Too Much For Even France, As British Paper Declares American Presidential Election Of 'Devious, Senile Halfwit' Joe Biden, Was 'Rigged'

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* It's Time To Follow This Roadmap To End Global Genocide Before Most Of Us Are Dead And Gone: The White Rose UK Sets An Example For The World To Follow
* 'The Politics Of Starvation' And Cascading Consequences Playing Out Now As Weapons Much Mightier Than Missiles Are Used Upon America To Complete Our Transformation Into A Socialist Hellhole
* Between Atrocious Stupidity In Hospitals And The Vaxxed Being Superspreaders, Americans Are Better Off Avoiding The 'Kill Factories'
* China's Grave Warning To Taiwan Has Our World Sitting Upon A Nuclear Powder Keg That Could Ignite At Any Moment With America Firmly Opposed By A Nuclear Triad
* Catastrophic Consequences Should Await Those Who Lied To The World To Usher In Medical Tyranny While Enriching The 'Big Pharma Mafia' Beyond Their Wildest Dreams
* 'We Are Teetering On The Edge Of A Face-Off': Pentagon Warns 'Tensions Escalating Sharply', Increasing The Likelihood Of A Cataclysmic War In Our Futures
* More Than 100 Million Americans Fell For One Of 'The Most Fatal Of All Delusions' In Time: As The Demonization Of Free Thinkers Is In Full Swing, Beware The Coming 'Round Up'
* 'It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Hitler, A Vaccine Holocaust, And If You Refuse The Shots, That'll Fill You With Micro-clots, You'll Lose Your Job And Pay A Heavy Cost' - Parody Of This All-Time Classic Song Defines Our Reality In 2021
* Something Very Strange Is Going On: As Globalists Talking Heads Call The Vax 'An Experiment' While Babbling About 'Reptilians', Biden Admin Proves To America 'All The World's A Stage'
* An Important Lesson From History Every American Should Know: Americaís War For Independence Was Not A Revolution Or Rebellion, But Resistance To Tyranny! There Should NEVER Be A Safe Space For Tyranny, ANYWHERE In America
* 'Concocted Chaos' Has Pushed America To The Point Of No Return As The One-Track-Mind-Vax-Cult Censors Medical Experts And Our Healthcare System Collapses Before Our Eyes
* US Senator Drops Bombshell On Globalists Vax Narrative As The MSM, Big Tech And Politicians Push 'COVID Camps' While Censoring 'Truth', Now Treasonous In Their Empire Of Lies- 'Americans need to prepare now for the day when the regime in Washington goes full Nazi'

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