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* Globalist Planned 'World Changing Event' Seen By 'Web Bot' Project & Growing Number Of 'Future Forecasters' Warning Of Coming SHTF, 'End Times' Catastrophe For Humanity
* ANP Blacklisted, Russell Brand Presumed Guilty With No Due Process, And Demonetized After He Awakened From Liberalism And Took A Hard Turn To The Right, All More Evidence Of Tech Collusion With TPTB
* 'Total Population Control' - How 'Artificial Intelligence' And 'Transhumanism' Are Being Used To Rush In 'The Mark' For 'World Government' And The System Of 'The Beast' - A.I. Already Controls The Minds And Behaviors Of People Through Information Warfare
* Cascade Of Warnings About 'Disease X': Priming Americans For The Next 'Plandemic', Which Looks Like Another Depopulation Bioweapon - Remember, Do Not Comply
* The 'Full Scale Invasion' At The Southern Border Is The 'Great Replacement' Part Of The 'Great Reset' As More 'Military Aged' Men Flow Over To FORCE In Globalism And A 'New World Order' - Key Rule Of Survival: Avoid Leftist Run Hellholes As They Implode
* Media Gaslighting Americans: Your Groceries Aren't More Expensive, Gas Prices Aren't Rising, Your Wallets Aren't Emptier, It Is All A 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy'
* This Could Have Been The 'Theme Song' Of The 'New World Order,' Espousing World Economic Forum Goals That's Really A 'Mandate From Hell,' Forced Upon By Servants Of That Evil Realm
* Will Ukrainian Splinter Cells Across America Be Activated To 'Hunt Down And Kill' Americans Critical Of The Endless Ukraine War? War Paid For With The Blood Of Our Children & Grandchildren - Reality In Ukraine Now Looks Like A Scene From 'V For Vendetta'
* Something Really Bad Is Going To Happen: All It Will Take Is One Major Event, Cultural, Political Or Economic, Acting As A Match To Light The Unstable Powder Keg That Is America
* Globalists Run Story 'How To Get Ready For The End Of The World' Anticipating 'Apocalypse' As UN To Agree On 'New Political Declaration On Pandemics' This Week And It’s A Horror Show - NEVER COMPLY WITH TYRANNY!
* Financially Brutal Months Up Ahead: Gas & Food Cost Rising With A Colder-Than-Expected Fall And Winter Coming, Are Going To Test Our Prepping Capabilities
* As Globalists Make New Push For 'COVID Concentration Camps,' Biden's 'Butchering By Bioweapon' Fighting-Age American Men While He's Opened Our Borders To Fighting-Age Chinese Men - The 2nd Amendment Under Attack Proves The Depth Of This End Times Treason

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* As Americans Fall Away From Jesus And The Teachings Of The Bible, Our Children Heading Full-Speed Down The 'Highway To Hell' Is A Terrible Price To Pay - Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you. Pray without ceasing. Do what you know is right.
* A 'Banquet Of Consequences' Is About To Be Served The Biden Crime Cabal As Americans Learn The Govt Has Been Covering Up Medical Genocide And A Shocking Rise In All-Cause Deaths
* If Americans Fail To Stand Up To Bullies, We'll Be Plagued By Them Forever - The Fundamental Decision Facing Us Is To 'Act,' Or Sign Our Own Death Warrants, Be The Hunter Or The Prey - They're Pushing Americans Because They Assume Americans Won’t Push Back
* Like 'Flying' Off The Eiffel Tower With Homemade Wings, In The Financial World, The Ultimate Consequences Of Failing To Learn From And Repeating Past Mistakes Can Be Catastrophic
* As The US Govt Proves Itself The World's Biggest Terrorist Organization, Dishing Out Pain To All Foes, It's Time For 'The Department Of Injustice' To Go Extinct For Crimes Upon America
* Communism, Fascism And Globalism Are All A 'Boot Stomping Upon A Human Face, Forever' That ALL Hate Freedom Of Speech, Guns And The Freedom Of Religion In The Hands Of The People
* With The Persecution Of Christians In America More Horrendous Than Ever While Blatant Lawlessness Becomes 'The Law Of The Land,' These End Times Storms Have Arrived On Our Shores
* The American Dream Is Completely Over: Most Americans Are Experiencing A Feeling Of Gnawing Dread As The Nation Fully Descends Into The Season Of Darkness And Gallops Into Chaos
* The 'Great Replacement' Is Wreaking Havoc: Biden's Border Gates Welded Wide Open Encourages A Record Number Of 'Human Bioweapons' To Flood In Then Be Released Into Country
* America's Only Chance Is Re-Embracing Biblical Principles And The US Constitution - Apathy Is Not An Option As We Witness The Consequences Of Trusting Anything Other Than God Almighty - Of Govt Today, There's Never Been A More Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy
* Endlessly Printing Money Just To Pay The Interest On Government Debt Is An Ultimate Marker Of Government Failure - Remember The Crooks Who Did This To You And Your Children
* This Is How Tyrants Get Away With Their Horrible Malevolence: The Weapon Of 'Disbelief' - As WHO Pushes 'New Pandemic,' CIA Agent Warned On Deathbed Billions Will Die In 2024

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