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December 24, 2014

Globalists Accelerating Timetable! Hoarding Food Into Bunkers At Record Levels! Hammer To Drop Soon!

By Live Free or Die


With most Americans now totally unprepared for the hammer soon coming down upon us, Steve Quayle joins Alex Jones at the 2 minute mark of the video below to share with us how we can prepare ourselves for what is inevitable though most do not see coming. This segment begins with JJ in Kansas asking Alex what a preppers ‘endgame’ should be once the SHTF in the near future, leading Alex to give a number of scenarios the globalists may use to bring it all crashing down here, a virtual smorgasbord of potential doom, which leads to Quayle giving his expert opinions as one of the founders of the prepper movement years ago. We learn that they are preparing here for the total seige of America and hoarding food into underground bunkers at record levels as the time draws near as Quayle gives us the information from his sources totally uncensored by the MSM. From 4 minutes on is key information about where America's food is now going.

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