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November 14, 2014

Hawk: “Chaos” & Duduman Prophecies Unfolding Now!

By Susan Duclos

In a must-listen to Thursday night The Hawk show, the “chaos” we are seeing now, due to backroom dirty deals, where the events unfolding, including earthquakes, droughts leading up to upcoming famine, food shortages, and pestilences are being seen across the globe.

The Hawk reminds us of earlier warnings from his deep background sources, connecting the dots between Russian Spetsnaz, China and HAARP’s weather warfare against the US, and at around the 6:30 minute mark in the first of the four Hawk segments below, the ominous prophecy of Dumitru Duduman to which many see unfolding right now.

The four Hawk segments will be shown in order after the intial video below which explains the Duduman prophecy, the transcript of which can be found here.

Are we about to see America burn?


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