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February 4, 2015

ISIS Is Here In America And Obama Let Them In!!! Mass Attack Planned 


By Susan Duclos

Between the Super Bowl, deflate-gate, economic news and a slew of other front page news, a BuzzFeed interview with an ISIS operative slipped through the cracks of "major news," yet it could be one of the most important pieces of news out there, when we look at previous reports and connect the dots.

Via BuzzFeed:

Despite crackdowns from Turkish authorities, ISIS continues to move its fighters across a porous, 565-mile border that has long been a transit point for jihadis traveling to and from Syria’s war. Those who need them are given fake Syrian passports, the smuggler said, which can be relatively easy to obtain. After he receives the fighters, the smuggler said, he puts them up in a hotel, waiting for the passenger list for the refugee ship to fill and the weather to be right. They leave Turkey like any refugees: on small boats that steal them away to cargo ships anchored in international waters. The smuggler said he had 10 fighters waiting in one port city, “and we will send them on the next ship.”

The ISIS operative said this method of moving fighters was important to the group because Western governments, along with Turkish authorities, have stepped up efforts to track jihadis returning from Syria, which makes plane travel from Turkey risky. The scrutiny promises to increase as Western capitals work to prevent terrorist attacks like those that struck France this month, leaving 17 dead. ISIS has more than 20,000 foreigners in its ranks, according to one recent estimate, with more than one-fifth of them citizens or residents of Western European countries. If these jihadis return to Europe in refugee ships, they can travel home via open land borders that receive far less scrutiny than airport security. The ships could also land Syrian or other Middle Eastern fighters in Europe amid the confusion of a refugee crisis that worsens by the day.


In late 2013, Reuters reported that 17 countries were participating in a program to "resettle" Syrian refugees, that list put together by the UN, includes the United States of America and Mexico:

UNHCR said 17 countries were participating in its programme to resettle Syrian refugees, including 12 European countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and Mexico.

By February 2014, reports show that those not provided the option to resettle in the US were simply travelling to Mexico, crossing the border illegally, then turning themselves over to US authorities and were allowed to stay!

In 2012, after being imprisoned and beaten, a Syrian dissident named Mohammad fled to neighboring Lebanon, where he applied for and was denied a U.S. tourist visa. Intent on rebuilding his life with family in California, he flew to Mexico City and then Tijuana. There, he crossed the U.S. border illegally and handed himself over to a customs official, seeking asylum.

Last month, the U.S. granted him that status. In a year, he will be eligible to apply for permanent U.S. residency.

By July 2014, former border agents were blowing the whistle on Barack Obama, stating he was encouraging Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to STAND DOWN, and by August 2014, ISIS members were taking cell phone pictures while standing right outside the White House, sending messages via social media which stated "we are here #America near our #target :) sooooooooooooon," then a second time with the message "we are everywhere." Follow-up messages said "We are in your state. We are in your cities. We are in your streets. You are our goals everywhere."


Experts warned in August 2014, that ISIS was planning and could achieve "mass slaughter in the United States," with a Princeton University Professor, Robert George, stating "Unless somebody stops them, they make good on their threats. They have threatened to carry out activity in the United States – killing people, mass slaughter in the United States."

More from August, via Fox News:

“A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack,” warns the Texas Department of Public Safety "situational awareness" bulletin, obtained by

The three-page bulletin, entitled “ISIS Interest on the US Southwest Border” and dated Aug. 28 was released to law enforcement on Thursday.

“Social media account holders believed to be ISIS militants and propagandists have called for unspecified border operations, or they have sought to raise awareness that illegal entry through Mexico is a viable option,” states the law enforcement bulletin, which is not classified.

In September 2014, ISIS directly stated, via social media, that "the US-Mexican border is now open large numbers of people crossing," and "Americans in for ruin."

In November 2014, ISIS told Obama they would "slaughter your people in the streets."

It cannot be emphasized enough that not only is ISIS here in America already and their leaders are encouraging those seeded into the social fabric of the US to plan attacks on US soil, but Barack Obama himself has allowed them in, facilitated their arrival.

The enemy is within and he is living in the White House!

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