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January 3, 2015

Luciferian, Illuminati Event Warning On Mysterious Website! Is It Connected To The Underground Base Preparations Happening Now?

By Susan Duclos


Yesterday ANP  co-owner Live Free or Die discussed one mysterious apect of a new website that included a countdown leading to the end of January 2015 and the connection discovered to Russia and the US Department of Defense.

The website has other aspects, including a puzzle where clues are given, passwords needed to be found to open other portions of the site, but the BIGGEST mystery I have found is the Illuminati, Satanic symbolism which seems to offer a warning about an "event" apparently being planned by Luciferians and the question of whether this "event" is why we are hearing warnings about massive preparations being made, including 500-50 truck long caravans per day/week rushing to stock up underground bases all over the US.

Was the countdown, since removed from the Distant-Perception website, a warning to the elite as to when some world changing event was to take place, specifying an end of January 2015 date?

The owl in the image above is one of the more tame images from the website and there are multiple others that will be shown below the video, with a warning that some are graphically offensive, but it is clear from seeing them that the nature of those that created the site are, indeed, evil.

The GLP thread spoken about in the video where they decode much of the site is HERE, the commect section of my original video on this website is HERE, with a huge thank you to all my subscribers for their incredible updates. 

A thank you to Christopher Cox who pointed out "the cypher contains several coordinates to National Security Centers, " ShantiUniverse, who brought specific pages to our attention in the comment section of the first video, mydog violet who offered one of the passwords, Andrew Neilsen who pointed out other asepcts to the site.

Original video about this websites apparent connections to Russia and the DoD below:

Images below are just a small sample from the Distant-Perception website, WARNING - Some images are graphically offensive!


(Image above- Screen shot from when the countdown was still being shown.)








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