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December 30, 2014

New Madrid Jaw-Dropper! Even After Seeing The Proof You Simply Won't Believe It!

By Susan Duclos

In the video below by EarthshiftX we see USGS data in a New Madrid Seismic Update, along with evidence of "strong and rare" Earthquakes, as well as proof of some type of event is causing a massive increase in frequency of earthquakes of all magnitudes. The information provided in the video is literally shocking, but the comparison the videographer provides around the middle, which they claim is "jaw-dropping," will truly blow your mind.

Even after seeing the screen shot provided in the video and shown as an image above, it is almost impossible to wrap your mind around it.

What EarthshiftX shows are two very simple searches, one for 1980 which shows a total of 16 earthquakes at magnitudes 1.0 - 3.0, then does a search for 2014 as a comparison, to which an error shows that states "The current selection includes 56875 earthquakes, which is more than is allowed."

Our videographer believes these increases in activity is due to the approach of Planet X aka Nibiru and whether one agrees with his conclusion or not, the numbers are indicative of something huge happening, with year after year increases, to which many might explain different ways, but the data itself is indisputable.

Warning from the details of the video "Expect weather extremes to increase more as we head into 2015, and watch Indonesia for quakes."


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