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December 6, 2014

Nibiru Incoming! -"Something Is Really Strange" - Quayle, Fletcher, In A Must-Listen To Hagmann And Hagmann Show!

By Susan Duclos

A blockbuster Hagmann and Hagmann show from Friday night with special Steve Quayle, who brings on investigator and researcher Bob Fletcher, where they jump right into the topic of Nibiru and Planet X, with information that will blow your mind!

In the show below, you will hear about “connections between the missing billions of dollars, secrets of space programs, and future space oriented disasters INCOMING! As well as the sciences , astronomical experts, historic proofs, amazing space information being kept from us all!”

Fletcher explains right up front that there was a time he would not even associate his name with Nibiru and Planet X because it was “science fiction” in his mind, until he started uncovering vanishing money, thousands of underground facilities in Russia, United States and China, and other suspicious activities that related to this highly controversial topic….. Fletcher determined that “something is really strange”….. and the digging began in earnest.

Quayle reminds listeners as well about the deaths of many scientists and astronomers, which he has been tracking for two decades. See "Dead Scientists 1994-2003" and "Dead Scientists 2004 - 2014."

Quayle and Fletcher join the show at around the 3:15 minute mark.

Fletcher’s site can be found HERE and some excellent photos on this topic can be found.


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