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January 28, 2015

Reader Warns Super Bowl False Flag, Martial Law And FEMA Camp Round Up Coming! - Dreams/Visions 

By All News PipeLine Reader


[Editor Disclaimer - ANP does not publish all emails we are asked to publish, nor are these visions/dreams ours, but this email was sourced and linked spectacularly and we felt it was worth bringing to our other readers attention - Just in case. The initial paragraph was referenced in a prior article.]

I feel that there is a tremendous amount of urgency with regard to this matter - especially with the Superbowl coming up in less than 4 days, so the sooner we get the word out, the better.  Please feel free to explore all of the points I've made and do your due diligence - as you may find things I've missed or overlooked.  (Thanks so much for wanting to explore this.  I pray I'm wrong - but my gut is saying I may not be wrong at all - and that's what has prompted this e-mail.)

As Nathan Leal, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Dave Hagmann and Joe Hagmann have all said - so many times - and as is in the bible - near the end God sends us warnings. It's up to us to hear them and warn others. That being said, for over 10 years I have had unsettling dreams that were so real, I was exhausted upon waking because it was as if I had just lived through the entire experience. Due to the vividity of these dreams, I often shared them with my friends just to get them off my chest. Even still, I internally dismissed these dreams as my 'vivid imagination'. Invariably, a friend I had shared a dream with would call me and say: "Have you seen the news!?!?" I would laugh and say: "Well, aren't you funny?!? You know I don't watch the news..." That friend would proceed to tell me what was on the news and say: "You were just talking about this the other day!!!!" Still - I thought - ('wow.... remarkable coincidence....')

10 years of this type of occurrence, I now know that God was giving me a kick in the pants and saying: "Hey! I'm talking to you! Are you paying attention?" My answer now is: "Yes Sir - I AM!!!"

Here we are today: February 1st, 2015 we have Superbowl 49 in Glendale AZ (where I lived for over 15 years)


I have several very good reasons to believe that the Superbowl (whether this one in 2015 - or the next one in 2016) will mark the realization of Martial Law in our country and the initialization of large-scale FEMA camp detentions. Here is why I believe this to be true - I believe once you have examined the contents of this entire e-mail - I believe that you will too.

There are two possible scenarios in which this may play out, and they are both very likely considering all of the information below.  This compilation basically spells out what 'their' plans are for us. 

STAGE 1 - Superbowl attack: During one of the next two Superbowls (whether 2015 or 2016), the Seahawks will take the win  - and not long after (maybe toward the end of the game) a large explosive will go off, either at the Superbowl or very near to it - this will be labeled an 'ISIS' terror attack and Martial Law will begin to be implemented.

STAGE 2 - FEMA camp round-ups:  (This will mark the first wave of a large scale coordinated effort.)  As a result of the Superbowl 'incident', and as a follow-up to the current agenda, our children will be taken from us in a sudden, and mass-scale removal plan.  On a pre-determined day, shortly after the Superbowl 'incident',  our children will be removed from their schools during a normal school day and and will be taken to a large public venue (such as a mall, a professional sports arena, etc.).   The parents/guardians will then be contacted and notified that their child's school has received a terror threat and that the children have been relocated to a safe place as a precautionary measure.  The parents will be asked to come to the designated location in order to collect their children - of course, you will be told to bring your identification.  Once the parents/guardians have arrived, they will be ushered into this very secure and guarded location and 'logged in' while they locate our children.   However, we will never get our children back - and it won't take us very long (maybe just a few hours) for us to realize that our children will never be returned to us.  We were tricked - yes, they have our kids, but now they have us too.

You see, our children are their insurance policy.  Most of us have children, and most of our children attend public schools.  More and more, the government has been demonizing families who choose to home-school their kids.  I can pretty much guarantee that it's not because they're worried about the quality of our children's education.  No - our children are collateral; they know that most half-way intelligent people would never go to a location voluntarily where they may lose their rights and become instant prisoners.  Additionally, can you imagine how much time, money and effort they would save themselves if we came directly to them instead of them having to hunt us down at 3 o'clock in the morning in our homes? (Although, I believe the latter tactic will be implemented in later waves of the round up).  Believe me, their interest is in this going as quickly and smoothly as possible - this sure would be a good way to relieve the streets of a whole lot of 'would be rebels' and give them more time + less static in carrying out the rest of the agenda......

I'm sure you've read Agenda 21 and how the government has contracted thousands of large-scale public facilities to all over the country to use as a 'staging area' (although I call it a 'sorting facility') in the event of a crisis.  I think a Superbowl attack followed by terror threats at our children's schools fits the bill, don't you?  

I now want to share with you what I personally have witnessed AT MY CHILD'S SCHOOL over the last 4 school days.  I live in a smaller town outside of Tampa, FL and while we're next door neighbors to a large city, our town is relatively quiet.   Now, I work from home and am able to pick my child up each day after school.  As I was in the 'pick-up' car line last Friday (1.23.15), I noticed a van marked with the County's public school insignia pulling up to the front of the school, then parking on a patch of grass; the man inside was holding a clipboard and was taking notes - this struck me as odd.   The next school day - Monday, 1.26.15, at roughly the same time as last Friday, I was pulling in to the 'pick up' line and the same van from the previous Friday pulls up - this time with 2 male occupants; they were parked near edge of the staff parking lot and were pointing to the gates at the front of the school.  These gates separate the parking lot from the school grounds - you wouldn't be able to get into the school without going through the main office if it weren't for the gates.  These men were gesturing toward the gates and taking notes on their clipboard.  Again, my radar went up.  Tuesday, 1.27.15 - I am in the pick-up line (which, by the way, is a one-way horseshoe set-up that goes to the back of the school - one way in and one way out), and I noticed a Sheriff's police car about 4 cars ahead of me in line.  Every day you see the same parents' cars in the 'pick-up'  line; this was the first time I've ever seen a Sheriff's car in this line!   As we get to the point where the kids are waiting at their appointed spots for their parent's car to pull up next to them, the Sheriff's car makes a U-turn and leaves school grounds.   Wednesday, 1.28.15 (that's today), as I'm at the tail of the 'pick-up' line, I see a uniformed Tampa Police Officer standing on the sidewalk watching the parents come and go from the school - not directing traffic, not at a crosswalk - just observing off to the side.    This school is being studied.  Something is not right here - not at all!

All of the information in this e-mail is tied together - please read on.   Below are several items that have been in our news (the real news), some upcoming events, and some brief descriptions of these events. I've also provided links to some of this information; and I beg you to read through so that you can decide whether this information strikes a chord with you the way that it did for me.   Personally, I'm not sending my kids to school for at least the first few days after the Superbowl... that's how frightened I am!

There is definitely a tie between the Superbowl and their plans to incarcerate millions of families - people need to be aware of this!


1.  Denver Airport Murals:  It goes without saying that the Denver Airport is telling a story.  Especially the murals -  there is at least one which depicts a dark military figure which is seemingly the 'captor' of these children who are  sleeping under knife and gun.   Outside of where the guarded / captured children are, there is a stream of distraught family members marching in droves and weeping, some looking down to where the children are depicted, who seem to have been 'taken' from them. 

2.  Operation Mountain Guard (Denver Disaster Drill) - 9.23.11:  
Children were removed from school without parental consent and bussed to a large public venue where they were held FEMA.  Surrogate parents were hired to pretend to be the parents picking up their kids - this was a desensitizing exercise in order to train personnel not to release the children to their parents. 

3.  Florida 'Live Shooter' School Drill - November 2014:  Officers armed with weapons filled with live rounds locked the school down and scared the daylights out of the kids and parents

4.  The Economist Magazine Cover - January 2015:  
This magazine is partly owned by the Rothschild family - most of us are aware of their agendas and connections.   Note the following on the bottom left side of the cover:  (A) football depicting the globe - however, the United States is absent in the depiction.    (B)  A drum-set (next to the football with no depiction of the US), showing a "50th" celebration picture on the drums which has been smashed by a guitar decorated as a British flag depicted on the guitar (could this be 'crashing the party', changing a celebration into a tragedy?)    (C)  A game of 'Panic' with a green light depicted and a partial word "IS" directly above the football (ISIS? - Giving the 'green light' to ISIS to eliminate the US?)   (D)  Pied piper - famous for leading droves of children away - never to be seen again.   (E) - Upper right of cover - mushroom cloud (explosives/bomb).   (F) Bottom center of cover - angry tortoise with a 'hard shell' - this was the Fabian Society's symbol and their motto was 'strike hard'. (Please go to YouTube and watch the 2014 Maserati "Ghibli" Commercial for the2014 Superbowl - note the 'strike' message).   


5.  Hagmann & Hagmman report 1.22.2015:  Please listen to Nathan's descriptions about Bears (Russia) and war.  Please also pay attention to the 'Seattle Celebrates' rendering resulting from Nathan's dreams - a bomb goes off in the distance.  

6.  Superbowl 49 - The Patriots v. The Seahawks (2.1.2015):  to be held will be held in Glendale AZ, where it should be noted that our 'leaders' have decided to put in a high speed conveyor belt right into the US.  Immigrants have been arriving in droves for quite some time. There have been numerous reports of terrorists crossing the borders posing as Mexican Nationals - in fact, it is known that these terrorists have been brought to Mexico in some cases to lean the language so that they would have an easier time passing as a Mexican immigrant when crossing into the U.S.  Border patrol agents are being removed from the border and re-assigned to administrative duties and/or are being told to stand down & and not to interfere with folks crossing over - and in may cases agents have had their weapons taken from them by their superior officers.    I won't post links for this last piece, but there has been a lot of chatter that this game has been rigged "Patriots" vs. "Seahawks" (citizens v. elite') and that it is likely this is a message to us & that the Seahawks will indeed win this game - just as the elites plan to will overtake all of us.  (Remember the recent accusations of a fixed game wherein the Patriots made it to the Superbowl due to 'under-inflated balls.) 

.  Superbowl 50 - ? v. ? (2.7.16
- to be held in Santa Clara, CA, where it should also be noted this is a high immigration state.  We all know how the elites and the satanists like to used symbolism - therefore, please observe: the date of Superbowl 50 noted above (if added together) is 2 + 7 +1 + 6 = 18.  Divide this sum by three representing the month, day and year place markers = 666.   Additionally, as you may have heard, Superbowl 50 will not be using Roman Numerals - instead "just for 2016", the league will use Arabic numbers to represent Superbowl 50.   As you may be aware, Arabic is considered by many to be a language that is central to the Islamic faith.  

Video below is the one referenced in the email above.

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