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October 16, 2014

Shock Claim: US Troops Infected With Ebola In Quarantine

By Susan Duclos


In the audio below, Pastor Michael from Council of Time has a shocking claim he announced on his Wednesday Fireside chat, starting at the 1 hr 11 minute mark of the audio found here, and captured via screencast at that mark in the video/audio below. He states that a "large group" of soldiers have been sent back from Africa and are in quarantine because some have contracted Ebola.  He also states that first it was a set of 41, now 1,200. The Pastor continues on to say that "something is happening" all over the Earth, which we have heard many times, people can feel it although most cannot point to exactly what they are feeling happen. 

This comes just days after ABC News medical expert Richard Besser conceded that there is a “very real” possibility some forces may come into contact with Ebola victims and succumb to the disease themselves," as reported by Hot Air.

Something is taking place. The whole segment below is well worth listening to.


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