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April 10, 2015

America Being Invaded From North And South As Economic Armageddon Draws Near And 'Victors Come To Collect The Spoils'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

On the 30th of March, All News Pipeline put out a story warning our readers about possible foreign tanks coming into America via Mexico; we are now seeing the 'invasion' of America happening from the north as well as the south as the newly released 1st video below from Dahboo7 shows a train with a massive amount of military equipment running through Canada and headed towards the west coast and according to several different people, some with military backgrounds, these totally unmarked military vehicles appear to them to be from China and certainly not the US.

Those are CHINESE vehicles. Compare on google images

Cant be positive but the 8 wheel tanks are identical to chinese also the trucks with the tarp covered arch and the cab-over design of the cargo trucks, the small suv as well, im convinced all are chinese vehicles

I'd just like to point out some of these vehicles are not even US military.,@1:40 thats†not even a us military Humvee

I've been hauling military equipment for 12 years on my rgn trailer. I can say not one looks American. Not saying I know for sure but this puts up red flags for me. I never hauled and of these.

The smaller 4X4 are definitely not US mil. They look like BJ2022's to me (Russian UAZ clone) same goes for the APC, looks like a CS/VN4 or Piranha AIV

With 386,000+ foreign mercenaries already deployed upon American soil, many here for many years and quite successful as 'sleepers' mixing in with those having political influence, combined with the unfolding of Jade Helm 15 in the US southwestern states this summer, are we now witnessing an attempt to complete the invasion and overthrow of America by strategically prepositioned Russian and Chinese armies and other foreign mercenaries? Will Americans soon be caught in a crossfire between these 'invaders', coming to collect their economic spoils once the final global economic disaster arrives, and the US government who clearly invited them in?

While an email recently received by Steve Quayle from a reader in Colorado he forwarded to us told him he had just seen four M1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks on a toll road in Colorado provides us with more evidence (along with the previously reported Jade Helm 15 and the many martial law exercises across America) that the government is preparing for something massive in the US, an ANP reader with a lengthy military background recently told us that we have no need to worry about seeing military vehicles on the move that are dessert/tan colors, the ones we need to be deeply concerned about are the ones that are forest green as they are much more likely to be used here than in the Middle East or Afghanistan. The two new videos below show us exactly that...massive numbers of military vehicles/equipment on the move and they are nearly all forest green. According to the email from Quayle's reader, the M1 Abrams tanks he saw looked almost exactly like this (this image was originally taken prior to 2005 and can be found here for date verification.):


According to this new story from Alex Thomas at Intellihub, more and more evidence is now emerging that Jade Helm 15 is geared towards the forthcoming enforcement of martial law in America as newly released records obtained from the Minneapolis, Minnesota police department described previous 'martial law drills' held there as stressing the need for cooperation between the military and local law enforcement officials and the gathering and safeguarding of 'evidence' and 'criminal prosecutions'.:

As noted by

With Jade Helm on the horizon and similar smaller drills happening throughout the country on a seemingly monthly basis, fears of a move towards some sort of military crackdown will continue. While it is unlikely that the entire military would turn on the American people, some form of martial law may be on the horizon.

With China telling Barack Obama several years ago that Americans needed to be disarmed and Obama bowing down before the leader of the Communist Chinese government while our entire nation is on the verge of economic collapse, are we now watching the preparation for these final series of events to unfold here, leaving America 240+ million people fewer in only 10 years and Obama's 'new America' here by 2016?†

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