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* Joe Biden's Mental Decline Cannot Be Hidden, Excused Or Covered Up Anymore By The MSM - At This Point 'Dementia Joe' Is The Number One Danger To America's National Security
* After 60 Years Of Destructive Communist Policies, America's Soul Is Rotting To The Core - Americans Must Fight For What's Right Or This Ticking Time Bomb Will Eviscerate Us All
* The Ship Is Sinking Now: Experts Warn Food Shortages And Price Hikes Getting Worse And There Is No End In Sight - 'We Are Teetering On The Edge'
* As The Party Of Chaos Sends Their Shock Troops Into Conservative Areas, Threatening To Kill Us And Burn Down Our Towns, Use Deadly Force To Defend Lives If Necessary
* Like Pol Pot, Mao Zedong And Stalin Before Them, Govt Has Unleashed A Mass Murder Campaign To Cull The Human Population, Unleashing Calamities And Wickedness - Pushing Dangerous Drugs On Kids: It’s Not Just Dealers Anymore, It’s Government
* The Strange Sequence Of Events Happening Now Are Not Random, They Are Direct Attacks On Our Ability To Feed Our Families, Live Our Lives And Keep Our Freedom - America Is About To Burn, Prepare To Defend Yourself
* Americans Getting Foreboding Feelings Of Something Very Dark Ahead Are Not Alone - An 'End Times False Flag' To Complete The Great Reset Will Usher In The Tyrannical 'New World Order'
* Alarming Chart Shows Rapid Escalation Of Mysterious Destructive Events Hitting America's Food Supply Chain With Meat Under All Out Attack As The Globalists Push 'Crickets' As New Superfood
* These Diabolical Left-Wing Policies Are Gathering Like A Perfect Storm To Transform America From A Constitutional Republic Into A Third World Communist Hell Hole - All The While Leading Dumbed-Down Americans Like Sheep To The Slaughter
* With Death Going Hand In Hand With 'Red Joe's' Communist Policies, Calamity Strikes With Mass Famine And Starvation Awaiting Americans If This March Into Madness Continues
* The NWO Blueprint To 'Save The Earth' Mandates 7 Billion Death Sentences And America's Future Chinese-Communist System Would Have No Compunction About Carrying Out Mass Murder Here
* This Is The Most Alarming COVID Vax Research You'll Ever Read - Highly Respected Medical Doctor Warns A Terrible And Always Fatal Brain Disease Has Been Directly Linked To COVID Vaccines

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* Breaking Down The Bioweapon Death Shot In A Way The MSM Will Never Report: The Globalists Murder Weapon Is Spearheading Their Depopulation Agenda
* Another Mysterious Death Tied To The Overthrow Of America Proves We're Past The Point Of No Return - Deaths Of Key Witnesses Are Part Of Living Under Totalitarian Regimes
* As The Party Of Rage Proves They Do NOT Understand The US Constitution, Attacking Churches And Unleashing Waves Of Violence, America Will Be Judged In The Days Ahead
* While Our Prayers Were Answered With Dobbs v Jackson, The Battle For The Future Has Just Begun - The Left Will Keep Pushing For Genocide And Destroying Life Until Americans Stop Them
* As Abortion Activists Rage & Riot Over Roe v Wade Being Overturned, Baby Killing Supporters In The MSM And Politics Continue To Lie By Calling Abortion 'Reproductive Health'
* The Globalists Final Solution Will Be A Blitzkrieg Bloodbath Of Unparalleled Proportions As Biden's Commies Launch Another Pandemic And More Attacks On Our Food And Supply Chains
* As More And More Young People Are Murdered By The Vax, A Massive Public Revolt Is Now Urgently Needed! Of All The COVID Insanity, This Action From Our Government Is The Most Senseless
* After Only 1 1/2 Years Of The Most Disastrous Presidency In US History, Are We All Living Through Some Crazy 'Conspiracy Theory'?
* With America On The Threshold Of Tyranny, More Americans Than Ever Are Exercising Their 2nd Amendment Rights As Our Government Of Wolves Learns Not All Americans Are Sheep
* As Democrats Post Flyers Encouraging Violence And Rage Towards The US Supreme Court, Why Did Nancy Pelosi WELCOME What Happened January 6th At The US Capitol?
* Rolling Blackouts To Leave Tens Of Millions Without Power As Fuel Prices Hit Record Highs Making Gas-Powered Generators Unaffordable For Prolonged Outages
* Just Like Orwell's '1984', There Are Groups Hidden Behind The Curtain Seizing Control Of History And Rewriting It To Suit The Current Regime While Implementing Biden's 'Ministry Of Truth'

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