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August 22, 2014

2nd US Senator Warns Of America In Flames! What Do Senator’s Graham And Inhofe Know That We Don’t Know?

By Live Free or Die

With the United States’ southern border now completely open for ANYONE to come into the country at the invitation of Mr. Obama, TRUTH FED shares in the newly released video below that Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe is warning that ISIS is working on a way to ‘blow up’ an entire US city!

With Inhofe also saying America is now in the ‘most dangerous position we’ve ever been in’, what does Senator Inhofe know that we don’t know? Just weeks ago, another US Senator, Lindsey Graham, also warned of America in flames, are they just attempting to stoke the fear card or is ISIS REALLY ready to blow up an entire US city, or is this REALLY just a set-up for an ‘end game’ false flag attack upon America unfolding?


Originally published at BIN

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