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February 9, 2015

"America Is Doomed" - Never Has A Clearer Fulfillment Of Old Testament Prophecy Been Fulfilled Before Our Very Eyes, In Real Time, As It Is Now! 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


While the US is busying fomenting conditions around the world that will "unleash hell" as Senator Lindsey Graham recently stated, bringing about what many are warning of as World War III, Former Assistant Secretary of Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts states that "Americans are insouciant people. Their grasp of the world in which they live is very limited, and it is this failure that dooms them."

Before getting into the "news" Americans are completely ignoring and/or the mainstream media is not doing their job of informing them off and guaranteeing that doom, look at Google Trending Searches, or Yahoo, MSN, any of the major search engine trending searches and what you see should shock you to the core.

Typical Americans, not those reading this because if you are here, you certainly aren't searching for Sia, Annie Lennox, Kayne West, Walking Dead or any of the other "top trending" searches for February 8, 2015, listed HERE

Not one of the top 20 trending searches is for news about Ukraine, Israel, Russia, Foreign Policy, or Economy or anything related to the chaos we are seeing around the globe today.

That right there proves Roberts' point. Americans are completely disconnected from what is happening around the world and even what is happening right here in America!

Russia VS The US:

In a VNN interview with Paul Craig Roberts, we are informed in a short but concise manner exactly how we have been brought right to the threshold of WW3 and the part Washington has played in creating it.

When the Washington-financed and orchestrated “Orange Revolution” failed to deliver Ukraine into Washington’s hands, Washington spent $5 billion dollars over the next decade cultivating and grooming Ukrainian politicians and creating Washington-funded NGOs capable of organizing mass protests in Kiev.

When Russia used diplomacy to block Washington’s planned invasion of Syria and bombing of Iran, Washington realized that a New Russia had appeared, beyond Washington’s control, that was capable of blocking Washington’s intentions. Consequently, suddenly Washington’s focus shifted from the Middle East to Russia. The groomed Ukrainian politicians were assembled. The NGOs put the demonstrators in the streets. The democratically elected Ukrainian government was overthrown, and Washington’s chosen puppets were put in office as per the intercepted telephone call between Victoria Nuland the US ambassador in Kiev.

Now Russia has an Ukrainian problem, brought to Vladimir Putin courtesy of Washington.

Now NATO and the US are pushing proposals to arm Ukraine with advanced weaponry, further pushing Russia into making a move that could very well bring us right into a nuclear showdown.

As was reported last night, there was a massive explosion in Ukraine, first headlined as a "nuclear explosion," then as a Russian Ammo base bombing, and now claims that it was a pro-Russian seperatists' chemical plant, yet the mainsteam media was mum as of 12 hrs after the incident, even as video after video of the event was splashed across social media..... the MSM most likely hadn't been given the official spin, so they simply didn't inform the public at all.

Sources came forward immediately and reiterated again this morning, that the massive explosion was in reality a warning from Russia.. a final warning to the west. (See more about that here) Note- The explosion didn't even make the top searches at the Google Trending Searches link above.

In the video below, you will see a look through the "fog of war" into the behind-the-scenes players who are pushing for WW3 with Russia, their reasoning, their purpose and who is really behind this push. It is a must-see for those that are tired of the MSM not bothering to report the truth of what is happening.

Beneath the video is more news on other indicators showing how we are in the midst of a war that we have not been informed of and will come as a major surprise to those not paying attention, when the first actual bombs start dropping here.

The Whole World Is Being Gathered Against Israel

I was told recently that Zechariah 12 had just been fulfilled as the the whole world is being gathered against Israel. Zechariah 12; 2-3 states " Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it."

Whether one believes prophecy is being fulfilled or not, a look into the recent headlines shows that Israel's enemies are indeed gathering and the US is helping gather them.

Look to Iran, who wishes Israel to be wiped off the face of this earth and headlines now indicate Barack Obama has agreed to 80% of their demands on their nuclear program, or that Iran is bragging that America is begging for a deal.

Look to Lebanon where the US just delivered $25 million in military aid to the Lebanon Army supposedly to help them fight off Islamic Extremists.... yet delve deeper, who is also helping Lebanon? The terrorist group Hezbollah, who happens to be the enmy of Israel.

Musawi also called on Lebanese to join forces to face the challenges that encounter their country “in the presence of a government that has no potential to meet their needs.”

Musawi said a recent Israeli airstrike that killed six Hezbollah members in Qunaitra in Syria’s Golan Heights was not a “spontaneous [act] as much as it symbolizes the nature of the conflict that we – as people, Army and resistance – are engaged in a battle that has been imposed on us in Syria and in Lebanon.”

“No one has the right anymore to be confused about the battle in Syria, which is not a conflict between the rebels and the Syrian regime or between the opposition and authorities, but what is happening there is a war waged by the enemies of the resistance who are clearly the Israelis and their takfiri allies.”

He said the Qunaitra attack, which took place in front of U.N. eyes, had been coordinated between takfiris and the Israeli enemy.”

Hezbollah also spelled "Hizballah" is on both the European Unions terrorist list and listed as a terror group by the US Department of States

ISIS, A US Creation

ISIS, the newest "enemy" that produces video after video of their members beheading Americans and others, most recently publishing a barbaric video of them burning alive a Jordanian pilot locked in a cage.

What many do not know is that the US supported, trained and armed many members that are now part of ISIS.

The US supported the Syrian rebels.. as evidenced by news articles such as Reuters, 2012, titled "Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels," and from 2014 via WSJ, "Obama Proposes $500 Million to Aid Syrian Rebels," and AlJazeera from September 2014, "House approves US arms for Syrian rebels," as just a small sample of the headlines. 

Now look at the these headlines "‘Moderate’ Syrian rebels defecting to ISIS, blaming lack of U.S. support and weapons," and "ISIS Strikes Deal With Moderate Syrian Rebels." Again, just a small sample for those that actually search for something other than Sia and Kayne West!

The bottom line is the whole world is on the cusp of war, yet most Americans have no clue about it, nor how we got here, or who is behind it.

Roberts is right..... Americans are doomed.

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