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April 28, 2015

Baltimore's Martial Law Test - 'Baltimore Is What America Is Becoming...And This Is Only The Beginning'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the city of Baltimore preparing to undergo a week long 10 pm curfew following a day and night of looting, violence and property fires that transformed one of America's largest cities into something that looked a bit like a war zone, the upcoming week has all the makings of a martial-law beta test here in America and a possibly psy-op underway that even has libertarians applauding the arrival of the Maryland National Guard and the possible imposition of martial law as a means to restore peace and end the violence of rampaging marauders (agent provocateurs?) and help restore order. While Maryland National Guard Captain Christian Callender tells us that characterizing Baltimore last night as a 'war zone' were misplaced, he also stated "These are protesters, not insurgents, these are our fellow Baltimoreans. We're here to protect them, not to hurt them."

While the 2010 population of Ferguson, Missouri was 21,000+, the population of Baltimore in 2013 was over 620,000 people, nearly 30X the population of what many consider the most recent 'martial law' test in America following the Michael Brown shooting. With police officers in Baltimore completely outnumbered by those who chose to turn what were once peaceful protests into attacks upon senior centers and community centers amongst other misplaced targets of their anger, the next week in Baltimore is one we need to all be watching closely to see what direction upcoming events take.

According to Michael Snyder on the Economic Collapse Blog, Baltimore is what America is becoming...and 'this is only the beginning'. "In every city in America there are people ready to riot, loot and set things on fire." Baltimore is literally a tinder box ready to ignite and a city that, while the light of day brings out the best of those who choose to clean up the city and take the 1st steps towards rebuilding, the darkness of night quickly brings out the worst, a group of people seeking to take out their often lifelong held anger and frustrations upon a system and a city they feel has done them wrong.


Will Baltimore be what America may or may not soon become? Certainly Snyder is correct when he says that every city in America holds 'people ready to riot, loot and set things on fire'. With a horrendous economic collapse potentially upon our collective horizon, is Baltimore just a taste of things to come to America or will Americans like Vietnam Veteran Robert Valentine, who stood down a group of rioters as seen in the 1st video, show the youth (and those older!) of Baltimore and America the right way to live and the right way to protest injustice? When asked why he was doing what he was doing while putting himself at risk he stated: "I love my country. I love my 'charm city'. I'm not black, white, red, yellow, nothing. I'm an American." We're thankful that the HUGE majority of US Military and National Guard members and Law Enforcement Officers all across America feel the same way.

Alex Jones discusses Baltimore martial law and what we may soon expect ahead of us.

It is announced that up to 5,000 National Guard troops will divide Baltimore into sectors.

The National Guard quickly makes its' presence felt on downtown Baltimore streets.


Dahboo7 gives us his views on the national emergency unfolding in Baltimore and the agent provocateurs seen in the crowd of 'protesters'.

The headline at the Daily Mail screams out 'ANARCHY USA' for a reason....see video below it!


The next video below shows another reason why the Daily Mail is calling it 'anarchy USA'.

National Guard surrounds city hall.


Should Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake be held responsible for giving protesters space to destroy? She now completely denies she said it. Let's take a look at this one. Who should we believe, her, or her? Certainly not her.

Megyn Kelly gets into the flip-flopping done by Rawlings-Blake in the next video.

The Inner Harbor area looks like a militarized city this morning rather than a major American city.


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