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March 3, 2015

Something Chilling Is Coming! "Big Changes" In 2015 - Are You Prepared?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


A look at recent headlines and news clips as shown in the latest Jason A. video below show an accelerated pace for an agenda so chilling it is difficult to describe the scope of the "big changes" coming in 2015, described by Jason as prophetic events.

Whether one is looking at these events, so clearly outlined in every major newspaper, or in local and national television news reports, through a biblical prism or not, seeing them together gives one the bigger picture and it is ugly.

Over the last few weeks we have seen an Internet takeover geared to stifle free speech in the name of "net neutrality." We have seen Barack Obama declare that if Congress votes on whether his executive orders and unilateral actions taken while bypassing Congress are illegal, he will "veto that vote." (Watch that declaration at the 3:17 minute mark in the video below) We have seen the end of "due process" with the revelation of US "black sites" where American citizens are held, interrogated and tortured in secrecy. We have seen Obama's political opposition declared to be more dangerous than ISIS. We have seen Obama reference a "united" religion, which many see as a pitch for a "One World" religion. We have seen a whistleblower describe a White House conference call of a discussion to take over America.

We are literally watching the destruction of America right before our very eyes, yet prior warnings are met with calls of "fear porn," denials, excuses and weak justifications. Watchmen that have been screaming these warnings from the rooftops, figuratively speaking, have been mocked, attacked and waved away as conspiracy theorists, yet those that listened will be the only ones prepared for what is coming.

The Jason A. video below is titled "Watch Now: Something is coming in 2015! 'BIG CHANGES' HAPPENING THIS YEAR."

Watch what Jason terms as Prophetic events in 2015.



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