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December 22, 2014

Coast To Coast Internet Outages Now Being Reported - Has It Begun? Or, Are These Just "More Tests"?

By Live Free or Die

Comcast is now reporting Coast to Coast internet outages as reported in the brand new video below from Dahboo777 and as seen in Comcast’s ‘down detector’ map linked here and screenshot below videos. Is this some sort of revenge attack upon America for the US allegedly just kicking North Korea off of the internet as reported in the 2nd video below from Bloomberg Business? Are they preparing to pass an internet censorship bill here in the USA based upon what Christopher Greene and AMTV in the 3rd video are alleging was a false flag attack upon Sony, blamed upon North Korea, in order to crack down upon the internet here in America? Are these attacks more signs they’re getting ready to ‘take it down’?


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