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June 14, 2022

As The Deep State Rabbit Hole Runs Deep, The Fog Of War And Propaganda Have Blinded Most Americans On Putin And Russia, Who Play Their Own Roles For Klaus Schwab & The Great Reset 


Vladimir as a KGB spy while serving in Germany


By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

Back on March 30th of this year we had a column published here on ANP titledThe Ukraine - Russia Conflict Has Been Weaponized To Radically Advance The Globalists Agenda, Part Of The Final Deceptions Being Used To Usher In The NWO And Enslavement Of Us All” that covered many points in why I claim that Vladimir Putin is not the man that he is normally portrayed as being.  One of those deceptions concerned the official Russian state religion of some weird form of New World Order friendly “Christianity” and the changing concept of a multinational world governing system, a decentralized block-chain like system that defies the unipolar concepts usually thought of in most discussions of the new and far less populated world.  Peace through Tyranny is the goal and that goal is sought by far more than just the USA and her western allies but by the leftist world as a whole.

Let’s take a brief look at Vlad’s background and history for a bit more of an organized view on what this man really is and how he fits into the world’s Satanist plans and goals.   Working from the Encyclopedia of World Biography we can give a shortened bio on Vladimir to help us base our discussion on.  They said “Vladimir Putin was born on October 1, 1952, in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia. An only child, his father was a foreman in a metal factory and his mother was a homemaker. Putin lived with his parents in an apartment with two other families. Though religion was not permitted in the Soviet Union, the former country which was made up of Russia and other smaller states, his mother secretly had him baptized as an Orthodox Christian…. Though a small child, Putin could hold his own in fights thanks to martial arts classes. By the age of sixteen he was a top-ranked expert at sambo, a Russian combination of judo and wrestling….. Fascinated with spy movies as a teen, he aspired to work for the KGB… At Leningrad State University, Putin graduated from the law department in 1975 but instead of entering the law field right out of school, Putin landed a job with the KGB, the only one in his class of one hundred to be chosen. The branch he was assigned to was responsible for recruiting foreigners who would work to gather information for KGB intelligence…. In 1990 Putin returned to Leningrad and continued his undercover intelligence work for the KGB. In 1991, just as the Soviet Union was beginning to fall apart, Putin left the KGB with the rank of colonel, in order to get involved in politics...”   Let’s now leave that and fast forward to the Kremlin.

In 1997 “he was asked to join President Boris Yeltin's "inner circle" as deputy chief administrator of the Kremlin, the building that houses the Russian government. In March of 1999, he was named secretary of the Security Council, a body that advises the president on matters of foreign policy, national security, and military and law enforcement…. On New Year's Eve in 1999, Yeltsin unexpectedly stepped down as president, naming Putin as acting president…. In Putin's first speech as acting president, he promised, "Freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of the press, the right to private property—these basic principles of a civilized society will be protected,"…. On March 26, 2000, Russians elected Putin out of a field of eleven candidates….. On May 7, 2000, Putin was officially sworn in as Russia's second president and its first in a free transfer of power in the nation's eleven-hundred-year history.”  (quite an accomplishment)  That should be enough basics of his official history to help understand him, but I will add that his small stature also imbued him with a bit of the small man attitude, the so-called Napoleon Complex and the reason why he started self defense training so early.  Keep that in mind.

In an English webpage of Pravda they have an interesting article titled “Mysterious genealogy of Russian President Putin” and although they state in the sub head that “Vladimir Putin is a relative of all royal families of Europe” in the article itself there is no listed proofs of that conjecture.  Typical for Pravda yes, but the idea seems to be out there and we all know that it is bloodlines that matters in the powers of world politics and wealth.  One comment in a page on an obvious left wing rag called History and Headlines says what reminds me so much of our own 2020 elections, “Putin winds more votes than voters?”  Yep, ol’ Joey Dementia is not alone, “look at Precinct 451 in the capital Grozny, where Putin got 1,482 votes and (former Communist leader Gennady) Zyuganov got one.  Terrific vote.  Except that only 1,389 people were registered to vote in the precinct.  That means the turnout was 107 percent.”  Where might we have seen numbers like that before?  One last item on Vladimir’s past that might be interesting is this copy of his photo ID card issued by the Stasi in 1985 while he worked in Germany as a KGB spy.

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We mentioned in that first article listed at the beginning that he is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s WEF Young Global Leaders program; actually being one of the first to do so.  I assume most of us have seen the video of Klaus bragging that both Putin and Canada’s idiot with almost savant like awkwardness in saying and doing the wrong thing constantly (reminds me of Kamala in that manner, a true below average IQ puppet) are graduates of that program to instill proper NWO mentalities programming to better serve their masters.  Back in the 2021 WEF conference, Putin told them “We need to coordinate the efforts of the entire world, as the UN Secretary-General suggests and as we urged recently at the G20 summit” and warned of ““grim dystopia” that might result from the “growth of populism” in combination with the weakening of “international institutions” and the “global security system”” as Headline USA put it.   Note that although Schwab recently said that “the aggression by Russia against Ukraine, the attacks and atrocities…” he said just last year that he invited Putin to deliver a special address at that WEF conference on “global vulnerability and interconnectivity”.   A video of that Putin address is available on the WEF Forum web page at this address.  I suspect there may be some correlation between his time in Germany as a KJB agent recruiting traitors to help Russia and his being a WEF toady today.  Not saying that there is a direct connection, but it is a very suspicious coincidence in affairs.

There really are no contradictions in those statements concerning Klaus’ stated opinions as they are moving the bar to what they consider another level.  Putin is skillfully and willingly doing his part in achieving their goals.  On the WEF website there is a video that links the Covid-19 farce with “fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision making” and that those inconsistencies and contradictions involved are part and parcel of the overall plan to reset everything; the so-called Great Reset is based on those disruptions of normality.  Our first video below discusses just that and is taken from the WEF Forum website and I would like you to note the tone of it is that their evil is just what is required and is the best thing since God made apples and furry little kitties.

The World Tribune among so many others recently voiced concern that Klaus and Vladimir were parting ways, and I do agree that appearances would seem to indicate that idea although I really do not believe that to be the case.  Rather, I believe that the satanic method of deception and sleight of hand is at work.  One rather large stump in the road for my claim might be the second video below where Putin seems to be calling out the Great Reset, but that may just be optics played for the popular press.  Another item that some irrationally use to claim he cannot be working for the Illuminate/NWO monkeys is his recently quipped illness.  Early stories claimed either he was dying or gravely ill from whatever, with photographs showing him weak, having nervous ticks that he normally does not have, looking flush and so forth.  Deep State Rabbit Hole even recently said that “The Russian leader’s buddies agree with “many leading military and security officials” that Putin’s health is more of an issue than he lets on.  According to Russian affairs expert Christo Grozev, Vlad could be “dying or gravely ill” with the additional statement that refutes the West’s fears of him starting a nuclear confrontation in spite of the public leaked or spoken claims that he is considering just that; “His inner circle, insiders suggest, “would not risk being hauled before a modern equivalent of the Nuremberg trials for unleashing Armageddon, nor would they obey a Putin order to kill opposition foes.”  This is directly at odds with what our popular presses says, but remember the “fog of war” and the massive propaganda attacks we are under.  I doubt both claims and consider the truth somewhere in the middle.

The news cycle then went to Putin having perhaps some kind of cancer scare with this Deep State Rabbit Hole article that was actually published prior to the one above stating “Unconfirmed reports, from behind what’s left of the iron curtain, suggest that Vladimir Putin had cancer surgery last week without telling anyone about it. The procedure was allegedly “successful,” so it’s okay to let the cat out of the bag. Not that there ever actually was either a cat or a bag, of course. Vlad denies everything.”  Nicely vague and noncommittal in nature, that statement is followed by noting the Daily Mail story that claimed Putin underwent cancer surgery and was recovering.  Notice that these stories appear in time reversal from what would be expected as things developed, but we finally have The Lid coming right out and saying that our US Intelligence (note they do NOT say which intelligence source, very suspicious I would say) has confirmed those stories that he had successful cancer surgery.  The point I find most interesting is that “Most of th reports originated from Ukrainian Intelligence. Now howver they’ve been confirmed by US intellegence.” (Their typos left intact) 

Yet another suspect source, Newsweek echoed that in their June second story where they said “Putin's health is a subject of intense conversation inside the Biden administration after the intelligence community produced its fourth comprehensive assessment at the end of May. The classified U.S. report says Putin seems to have re-emerged after undergoing treatment in April for advanced cancer, three U.S. intelligence leaders who have read the reports tell Newsweek.”  I am not saying it has not actually happened, but that I am skeptical because of the odd timing of those reports.  What is more concerning is their claims that “high-ranking officials, who represent three separate intelligence agencies, are concerned that Putin is increasingly paranoid about his hold on power, a status that makes for a rocky and unpredictable course in Ukraine. But it is one, they say, that also makes the prospects of nuclear war less likely….. "Putin's grip is strong but no longer absolute," says one of the senior intelligence officers with direct access to the reports. "The jockeying inside the Kremlin has never been more intense during his rule, everyone sensing that the end is near."”  That is worthy of note, and I suspect has strong pull in whatever our illegitimate White House is planning.   At least Newsweek eventually names the sources, calling them “one from the office of the Director of National Intelligence, one a retired Air Force senior officer, and one from the Defense Intelligence Agency”.  But no names, so still a questionable source.

The real clincher is that the Lid story also stated that “Vladimir Putin really doesn’t care if there is a way out of this thing for him.  He’s not concerned with Russia having a seat at the global table, and he has been utterly flippant about the threats that the rest of the world has ushered in his direction, even sending back a few nuclear prods himself.”  It is this attitude, whether real or just believed by our side, it is the style of thought that easily leads to total war.  We must stay aware that this is the present thought pattern and it is very dangerous.

And while still on that idea of Putin feeling or actually under intense backlash in his own home, we then find the recent Washington Examiner story very intriguing; “Russian President Vladimir Putin fired several generals and a top law enforcement official earlier this week,… five generals Putin cut loose on Monday were Maj. Gens. Vasily Kukushkin, Alexander Laas, Andrey Lipilin, Alexander Udovenko, and Yuri Instrankin, according to Russian media. Police Col. Emil Musin was also among the top officials axed in what Russian media are calling a "standard employee reshuffle procedure," citing a Kremlin decree.”   This makes a lot of sense after the claim that in “March, during the early stages of Russia's war in Ukraine, Putin reportedly lashed out at top Russian intelligence and military officials for failing to deliver a swift victory in Ukraine. The Russian president reportedly had two top FSB officials placed under house arrest for providing bad intelligence in the lead-up to the invasion and eight generals fired for poor performance…..Dozens of high-ranking Russian military officers and as many as 30,000 soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since Russia's invasion.”  While this may have something to do with anti-Russia/pro Ukraine propaganda, it is clear that Putin is not living on easy street at home.

Patriot United News mentioned even more Russian purges resulting from the failure to take Ukraine as initially advertised as their goal stating “From the start of Russia’s very costly Feb. 24 intrusion of Ukraine, Putin has purged many high-ranking military authorities. Some have actually disappeared from public view for weeks at a time, and others have actually supposedly been locked up for failures in Ukraine.”   On the other side of the spectrum the American Thinker has what may be the more realistic viewpoint when they said that “It appears to me Moscow …. has a fixed series of goals in the war.”  They then went on to list their perceived Russian goals with a couple of them that take the lead in my view; “The unification of areas perceived as belonging to Russia and whose citizens (a majority at least) desire to join Russia…. To discourage Ukraine and surrounding nations from joining NATO/EU.”   This makes much more sense to me and they end with some interesting points when they said “everything is being run on a timetable, with some obvious setbacks for Moscow, as the Ukrainians are receiving massive amounts of military equipment from the west and they are putting up the best fight that they can…..But the Russian Federation is not losing this war.  The most recent stories seem to prove that last line correct.

The end consideration I would like to leave you on this topic is with is this; that the Biden regime is actively partnering with Putin and the Biden administration is openly continuing to treat Russia as a ‘partner’ on climate and Iran.”  Pamela Geller said that “at the end of the day this administration does not see Putin as the enemy, they see him as a partner “  and I agree; numbskull Biden and his Obama led operatives are teaming up with Putin, Iran and others as the WEF and friends push the Great Reset further along.  They all work together!  John Kerry is deeply involved as well, and Maria Bartiromo is correct that Russia is not the adversary the mass media and Biden regime claim, but they are indeed working with Russia as a partner.  Yet more deception on the part of our evil Washington DC regime.  And Russian currency surges to new highs as the world shops Russia for petroleum and natural gas energy and grains and fertilizers.  (Bloomberg)  It would seem that Putin is getting everything he wants while we flounder in the abyss of an evil tyrannical regime destroying our nation just as the WEF and the Rothschild Illuminati prepared us for.  This is all so damned backwards that Paul Craig Roberts even compared Putin to Robert E. Lee.

So while we cower under the MSM ranting that Putin has us under a nuclear launch button (and with NATO making so many mistakes that may not be far off) the CIA says they are watching things very close.  I find no comfort whatsoever in that at all.  On the contrary, it appears that they are doing what they can to foment such an attack.  Between the Military Industrial Complex and the various organized crime syndicates with their greedy little hands billions of dollars deep into the Russia/Ukraine war, I do not see it as disappearing soon but rather gaining more battlefields all over Europe.  Why?  Because stolen treasures from various arms suppliers to various groups in and around Ukraine can only result in massive money laundering, stolen Treasuries and more ever since the “ banking system in Latvia, protected by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (CBRD) and other institutions, laundered money for the KGB mafia and facilitated the swindle of the entire Ukraine treasury which was stolen in 2014. The KGB mafia and other criminal clients were known for the worst crimes perpetrated by humanity including trafficking, drugs and state looting” that Sarah Westall mentioned and that does not include all of the American mafias involved and CIA operations that were pushing it.  There is NO HONOR WHATSOEVER in our nation’s top echelons of power.  Putin had to know about all of it, as well as our Kenyan White House.

President of Belarus and Russia’s Putin

So as NATO sees a long term transformation in regards to their relations with Russia, and Biden continues to increase our monies going to Russia (energy, fertilizer purchases, grants to further Iran’s nuclear program and so much more), and as Russia works more closely with China, we cannot neglect the fact that Russia is being led with one of the WEF’s more prominent Young Global Leaders and the Belarus President Alexander Luckashenko recently urged the UN Secretary General to institute, to protect their “New World Order” as covered in this Gateway Pundit articleThe Exposé mentions an idea that we are giving Ukraine not enough to win a war, but enough to keep it going for the benefit of the Globalists.  That is the point of this column, to voice my own opinion that Putin is indeed working for the Illuminati/NWO/Globalists just as our own grossly incompetent (and incontinent) leaders are; they are following a well laid out script to enable the Great Reset to succeed in destroying our world and ushering in the reign of the Anti-Christ.  He is NOT bucking the NWO but rather is helping it as best he can.  That is my assessment and I am sticking to it until PROVEN incorrect by further developments.  So Vladimir Putin is neither the evil monster as portrayed by the American and worlds left nor is he the “Good Guy” man in a white hat that the seeming majority of American Conservatives and their media claim.  He is an actor playing his part in the destruction of our world just as the evil cabal in DC is doing and he is doing his job well.

God bless.

And now for a bit if fun - Bad History - PUTIN (My Heart Is Cold)

Hey, we need to have a laugh here and there don’t we?

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