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November 14, 2014

Director Slams Bush, CIA, NWO, Police State! Niki Minaj Video ďOnlyĒ

By Live Free or Die

Music video director Jeff Osborne, who produced the ultra-controversial Niki Minaj video ďOnlyĒ, featuring Nazi symbolism, joins Alex Jones in this eye-opening video to talk about the true purpose of the video, awakening millions to the totalitarian government attempting to vanquish liberty in America right now. While the mainstream media stirs up controversy, equating the video to being supportive of the Nazi regime and anti-Semitism, Osborne shares quite the opposite intent and shares an excellent sense of enlightenment to present day world events. Was Charlie Chaplin anti-Semitic as shared in the 2nd video below?

Osborne: We have a government that tracks us, monitors us, has programs dedicated to controlling our minds and testing diseases on us, and no one asks any questions. People arenít privy to things like MK Ultra, the School of the Americas, the fact that the Bush family owned Securacom, which was in charge of security for the World Trade Center, Dulles Airport, and United Airlines. The fact that in every recent war, the opposition leader has worked for the CIA. Iím not saying I know all the facts, but do people really think there isnít more to the story? Look up from your smartphone and smell the f*#@iní roses, Iím trying to help you! People vilify artists for using this type of imagery in their work as if theyíre part of the 1% club. Believe me, any artist who has brain cells know theyíre not in the club. In my opinion itís not glorification, itís a subliminal warning because you canít openly say these kinds of things. Me? I donít give a sh*t. I have no corporate interests, PR team, or image to maintain.


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