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January 19, 2015

End Game Nearing! Full FEMA Camp List As Intimidation Campaign Against US Veterans And Watchmen Kicks Into Full Swing!


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

All News Pipeline friend and YouTube videographer FreedomFighter2127 has just released the extremely informative video below in which he runs down all of the proof that the 'end game' is nearing while furnishing us with a full list of FEMA camps across America as the 'intimidation campaign' against US Veterans and 'watchmen' kicks into full gear.

We are warned that the time we have left is minimal as the government prepares to activate their 'lists' campaign, a 'roundup' of 'patriots, Christian, and watchmen' who are against the coming 'New World Order' global government, global currency and one-world religion. We are told that such a roundup of Americans, in complete violation of the US Constitution and our birthrights as human beings living upon the planet Earth, would surely mean the next civil war in America, a war that should be avoided at all costs due to the potential massive loss of human lives.

With the government of the United States further pushing the people into a corner, our videographer shares that the people will eventually push back and with most Americans previously looking for 'enemies' outside of our country, now, Americans see 'the enemies within' as even the US military is experiencing something of an 'awakening'.

With huge government preparation for 'an event' going on in various locations now across our country and the NWO's 'hidden agenda' now completely exposed, we KNOW that America must fall for a 'one world government' to rise and we see every day that what appears to be an 'unstoppable cascade of events' are quickly leading to a fullfillment of the NWO's long-held plans, the next of which consists of completely silencing those in opposition to their plans.

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