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August 12, 2014

Expert Gives Jaw-Dropping Ebola Testimony – “Tip Of The Iceberg” As “Perfect Storm” Nears

By Live Free or Die

Steve Quayle and mystery ‘Dr. S’ join the Hagmann and Hagmann Report in this newly released video from Saving Truth for a jaw-dropping discussion about the perfect storm we are now watching unfold and the potential of widespread death here due to ebola in America. Warning that we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg, a worldwide explosion of death is now possible since, “by the time patients are systematic, they are also catastrophic.” This video gets hot right off the bat. More below.

Published on Aug 11, 2014

The risk as ‘S’ explains this is the “exponential amplification of mortality,” where 1 becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes 16….etc, due to the long delay in Ebola victims becoming symptomatic, the long testing process, the high infectivity and the fact that there is no cure, along with a 25-90 percent mortality rate of the deadly disease.

He warns people to be prepared and offers way they can do so. ‘S’ also points out how the medical resources in the countries already battling this Ebola outbreak are inadequate, but highlights, from personal experience how local and state hospitals in the US and elsewhere, countries not poor on resources, are also unprepared for a massive influx of symtomatic patients.


Originally published at Before It's News

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