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March 1, 2015

 "This Is Just The Beginning" - Strange Events Happening At Alternative News Sites - Kill Switch Being Tested?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


Anyone wonder why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) refused to allow the general public to view their proposal on regulating the Internet, turning it into an official "utililty," in what they call "net neutrality?" Anyone wonder whY the public still has not been informed what changes are coming? Last, but not least, is what we have witnessed over the last few days since these new regulations have been passed, just the beginning of the US Government's control over what news the Internet users get to see and what they prevent them from seeing?

Over the last three days since the FCC voted for "net neutrality," some very strange events have occurred, including alternative news radio shows to simply go off air for minutes at a time, a popular website that conducted a hard hitting interview with the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration Paul Criag Roberts completely went down and the article could not be accessed throughout the day, just to come back up, then return an error again on reload, a site that linked to that piece also went "goopy," according to the Hawk video below, Facebook has had numerous reports over at, just to name a few events that could be indicative of the US Government testing their ability to control what Internet users see and what they don't.

As was explained in a previous ANP article, on Thursday night Hawk was  "completely knocked off the air for a substantial period of time, several times, before returning at the 19 minute 40 second mark to recap what he had been talking about including recent internet outages across America, Russia preparing to defend the Arctic region (where they will be building 10 additional bases within the next 2 years) as well as recent documented cases of what could be electronic warfare including Russian strategic bombers flying off of the west coast taking out the air traffic control systems in Los Angeles as well as the USS Donald Cook being totally disabled by a Russian bomber while on patrol in the Black Sea."

That was the same day the "Net Neutrality" proposal passed the FCC

On Friday, King World News interviewed Paul Craig Roberts, yet when I followed the link from Steve Quayle's site to the article, I received the following error (screen shot shown below)


When I emailed Steve about the matter, he advised me to try again because some people were reporting it took two tries to access the piece. I tried again, got the same message, but was able to access it the third time around.

Hawk states in the Thrive To Survive show below that parts of Quayle's site were also "goopy," as he terms it, at times.

A look over at archives shows that there were outage reports coming in for the social media site Facebook, on the 27th, the 28th and this morning.



Internet conspiracy and hoax site Before It's News returned the following error all morning on March 1, 2015, (it is back up as of writing this) when attempting to access their front page as can be seen in the address bar at the top of the screen shot below:


When the US Government lost control of the "message," when Internet users started going to alternative news sites to bypass the puppet mainstream media, to learn the facts the MSM refused to report, to see the proof in images and videos and from whistleblowers the MSM ignored, the government had to find a way to take control of that messaging back. "Net Neutrality" was their answer and we could very well be seeing the onslught starting as they test their new "kill switch" toys.

Hawk states below "things are getting real serious," as he speaks to events currently happening as he asserts "this is just the beginning of sorrows."

[UPDATE] - Steve Quayle just forwarded over an email, showing that FOX NEWS has apparently also been "neutralized," at least during one particular show. Email below:

We like to watch Judge Jeanine Pirro on FoxNews on Saturday PM. She isalways an outspoken critic of Obama. Last night we were unable to see her-the screen said that "program unavailable ,FoxNews aware of problem." Whatseems strange is that at soon as her program would have been finished , Foxcame back on. Did any one else have this problem? Is Neutrality to blame??? 

[UPDATE #2] - Another article emailed ties in as Rev. Franklin Graham warns Fox News viewers that governments in the west "especially in Washington" have been "infiltrated by Muslims." (THIS is why Obama asserted "unprecedented" interference into the FCC Net Neutrality bill, too many alternative news sites have been screaming the truth and this is their way to shut those voices down.)

Follow up read "Pastors Thrown Out of Captiol For “Appeal To Heaven


As Quayle warns ANP, we have "very few months left of any resemblance of freedom or access to the truth on the Internet."

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