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January 30, 2015

Stepping Quickly Into The Last Days - Hawk And Greg Evensen - Vision Of Coming Catastrophe


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

Hawk is joined by former Kansas State Trooper and Watchman Greg Evensen in these brand new videos shortly after the 3 minute mark to tell us that we must not let up or hold back as we quickly step into the 'last days'. With the wicked powers of darkness now surrounding us, Evensen tells us that there is absolutely no doubt that we are in those times.

At the 8 minute mark, Greg shares with us an amazing vision from a friend who is a deeply devoted Christian in which she took an emergency journey with others, after learning of some sort of a disaster, when suddenly, in front of her, super soldiers appeared that were larger than 10' tall. She shared with Greg that all she wanted to do was to 'get home' but instead, saw in front of her a city that had been completely devastated and was on fire. She felt that this vision was so real it has troubled her ever since, as these super soldiers went wherever they wanted to go, destroying everything in their paths, and as she was attempting to escape, an EMP pulse occurred and devastated everything, there was no power anywhere, yet left these super soldiers were left completely unaffected.

At the 2 minute mark of the 2nd video, Greg tells us about the 'artificial intelligence collective' and shares with us news of some 'new metals' that are being harvested in Afghanistan and Pakistan which is causing the wars over there to be prolonged as we are now in direct competition with the Chinese to secure these 'rare Earth' materials. Greg also tells us that what we know of technology now, we are 50 years behind what is truly already known.

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