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February 25, 2015

Horrors Coming To America Are Shocking As War On Terror Turns Upon Americans


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Are we now beginning to witness the full-scale implementation of the end of due process across America, as evidenced by the recent revelation of the existence of a secretive prison in Chicago, where interrogation and torture can be kept off the records, and Americans simply 'disappeared', all God-given and Constitution-protected rights be damned? To quote Stephen Quayle: "Welcome, America, to the world of Abu Ghraib."

As clearly pointed out in the 2nd video below from All News Pipeline friend FreedomFighter2127, the existence of a CIA-style 'black hole' in Chicago where Americans can be 'disappeared' is another huge step in the long march towards tyranny and more proof that the horrors soon coming to America are shocking as the Constitution and Bill of Rights are obliterated and the 'war on terror' is turned inwards upon Americans ourselves as shared in the 3rd video below.

While the Chicago police department has come out and denied the existence of this 'secret interrogation compound', with the NDAA in full effect here in America ALLOWING the indefinite detention of Americans, the facts presented in this story from The Guardian lead us to this question: Are we now witnessing the 'roll out' of such facilities across America, fully staffed with militarized police with militarized vehicles, in preparation for the complete overthrow of our Republic and the total elimination of human rights, no longer equally protected under the law? The fact that this site has been active for years now shows how far along in the process we already are; the fact that highly-militarized police forces have spread across the country provide us proof of how little time we have left.

Lawyers have compared the off-the-books interrogation warehouse in Chicago's Homan Square neighborhood to the CIA's so-called black sites offshore that are used to interrogate terrorists.

Police at the site in Chicago reportedly carry heavy military gear, and huge armored tanks are parked outside.

"There are usually questions about whether these arrests are justifiable or constitutional," Anthony Hill, a criminal defense attorney, told Business Insider. "Suspected criminals are just picked up and thrown into the back of unmarked cars by police officers wielding assault rifles and wearing bulletproof vests. Describing the process as highly militarized would be fair."

"It's a black hole," Hill added.

The facility represents the United States frightening decent into tyranny in the post-911 world, where militarized police not only wield advanced weaponry but specialized techniques once reserved for the battlefield

This first video is directly from The Guardian and features an interview with Brian Jacob Church, one of the so-called 'NATO 3', who was 'disappeared' into Homan Square in Chicago, denied his rights, and who warns that this 'domestic black site' is quite similar to what the CIA is running in Guantanamo Bay, only for Americans here...the 1st of many to be exposed here or the last time they'll allow such a revelation?


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