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August 29, 2021

Hurricane Ida Shows Us That 'Lockdown' Preppers Learned Nothing From The Shortages And Supply Chain Failures - Exclusive ANP Reader Images From Louisiana

Some Louisiana residents wait until the last minute to stock up 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As most in America know, Hurricane Ida is hitting Louisiana on Sunday, nearly a category 5 hurricane, with massive damage and loss of life expected,  according to the latest reports.  

Hurricane Ida is expected to make landfall in Louisiana close to a Category 5 hurricane sometime Sunday afternoon—on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which killed more than 1,800 people in 2005.

The National Weather Service of New Orleans issued a series of warnings on Sunday, including an ominous warning that they “can’t bear to see” the storm on satellite imagery. “We have hard times ahead, but we will all persevere,” the service tweeted. “Take all messages we, public officials and broadcast media are saying SERIOUSLY. Stay tuned for more frequent updates.”

Having experienced preppers as part of the ANP readership, we know people that live right in the line of fire, as prepared as possible, so not overly concerned about battening down the hatches and hunkering down, because they prepared at the beginning of hurricane season.

Others, not so much, as the images sent to us from a local Walmart in Mandeville, Louisiana, shows a serious amount of panic shopping, and long, long lines for gas, all items that had people learned a thing about prepping, they would have had stores of, and at most, only needed to top of their stocks which in all likelihood the experienced preppers did the second they heard a hurricane could possible come to town.

Mandeville is a city in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, United States. The population was 11,560 at the 2010 U.S. census, and 13,192 at the 2020 United States census. Mandeville is located on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, south of Interstate 12. It is across the lake from the city of New Orleans and its south shore suburbs. It is part of the New Orleans–Metairie–Kenner metropolitan area. (Source)

 The note that came with the images said:

Mandeville, Louisiana. LocalWalmart in anticipation of Hurricane Ida making landfall. Gas line, food lines. Milk, bread, meat fresh fruits and vegetables gone. 

Junk food was plentiful my Cousin had said. I don’t know if it fits with what you are trying to do on shortages but I figured I would send anyway. I guess it shows how many people wait til the last minute to do their shopping.

We have been updating the food crisis, shortages, and supply line failures as states start shutting down again, the images have been of regular shortages, holes in aisles, foods moved to the front to hide the empty spaces behind, and the shrinkflation items that are small in size, less product, but the same prices as it used to be.

Seeing those type of shortages, not because of "panic buying," but rather from supply chain issues and failures, is one thing, but seeing people literally clean out whole grocery aisle sections because they waited to the last minute to try to prepare for Hurricane Ida, tells us that the "lockdown preppers," truly haven't learned a damn thing.

The first two images are of gas station lines, as well as a long line of cars on the street, waiting. 

There truly is no reason for this.

Despite the fact that these folks are rushing to get gas due to a hurricane, Independent Media has been warning for months that we were expected to see gas shortages in the near future.

These specific gas stations may not be running out of fuel because of those shortages, but anyone that has learned anything about prepping, knows if a shortage is expected, stock up early so you are not part of the panic shopping, rush to get everything you need right now, crowd.

The other images are from the local Walmart and it is astounding how many obviously wait until it is too late to think of survival and what is needed to survive.

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We thank both the reader and his cousin for taking and sending the images over to us.

As many have decided their best option is to "bug out," others have every intention of riding out the storm, a decision that should have been made, even in just theory, before hurricane season even began.

For example: If they predict a direct hit, we will do A, B, or C (plans), or if the storm is predicted to get to category (insert number here), we are getting out of dodge.... or those that are considered experienced preppers will already have cans of gas, generators, and plenty of food stocks, before any storm has even developed.

Via The Advocate

Many Baton Rouge residents who remained in the city said they were intent on riding out the storm as they hunted down whatever necessities they could find at the back of otherwise barren shelves at local big-box and hardware stores.

Some said they wanted to stay with family members who refused to leave. Others were confident their homes were safe.

As he loaded four large floor fans into his cart at Home Depot Saturday, Baton Rouge native Josh Rounds said one of his main concerns was protecting his property from potential looters.

Emphasis mine.

Hunting down necessities is a key phrase here, because if they are "necessities," then the events of the past year with the pandemic lockdowns, should have taught people to always have those necessities on hand, and to top them off whenever they get even a bit low.

Ditto for the protecting property from thieves and looters. True preppers know that being able to defend your home, your food supply and your family/friends/neighborhood, is just as important as making sure your food stocks are topped off. 


Weeks ago when we saw that an overwhelming majority of Americans were planning to stock up before the lockdowns, to prepare for what they were unprepared for last year, it gave us hope that some that thought preppers were crazy, have started understanding the needed to be ready for as much as you can be.

 Apparently we were wrong, as some only see "prepping" as something to do if a state leader locks your city or state down. 

Preparing for any other type of disaster or catastrophe is simply not a thought in many of their heads. 

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