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January 19, 2015

Dr. Jim Willie: When Putin Flips Switch, Dollar Is Dead! Western Banks Will Go Down - This Is Game Over!


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

Dr. Jim Willie joins Silver Doctors in the wake of the shock heard round the world with the HUGE Swiss move depegging the Franc and the coming potential end of the Euro. Dr. Willie warned months ago that there would be an 'acceleration of events' by January of 2015..."well here we are."

Dr. Willie covers all topics relevant to those who are paying attention in this new video, including potential default and 'bank runs' in Greece and Russia preparing to go off of the petrodollar while the Swiss Franc depegging from the Euro is triggering a MASSIVE derivatives crisis, all breakdown events that, to those who are not paying attention and preparing, could end up being catastrophic.

With this 'HUGE ACCELERATION' of 'end game' events now unfolding in Europe, Dr. Willie tells us WHY the Swiss are now dumping the Euro while buying up GOLD and that the Swiss have 'front run' the coming global currency reset and tells us that a 'stampede in gold' is soon coming as banks in Europe begin to fail. "When Putin 'flips the switch', the dollar is dead and gold will DOUBLE" we are told. "Several banks will do down...this is game over!"

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