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March 6, 2015

'We Are Here - The Collapse Is Now' - 'Pandemonium Soon Coming To The Streets Of Every Nation On Earth' - Gregory Mannarino


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With China now openly flaunting that they will be taking the world's reserve currency away from the US and the dollar, Gregory Mannarino joins us in this brand new video to warn that we have reached an absolutely critical stage for the global economy, sharing with us breaking bad economic news that flies in the face of the economic recovery lies being told by government and the mainstream media.

Warning us that the middle class and lower class are being systematically destroyed, Mannarino tells us that there is no way that the runaway train that is headed straight towards us can be stopped now, despite what we are all hearing via the very, very dangerous lies being told by the MSM that the economy is in 'recovery'.

Telling us that the entire financial system of the world has ALREADY been turned upside down, the only thing keeping the financial system afloat is the continuous printing of money out of thin air by the US Federal Reserve and the world's central banks which in doing so, completely distorts the value of every other asset class.

Telling us that the entire system is now a self-fulfilling guaranteed failure, Mannarino warns that the global central banks are so panicked at this time that they're creating an 'insurmountable, uncorrectable problem' for every human being now living upon the planet Earth with their continuous poor decisions and tells us that there is absolutely no way out of what's coming.

"We are here - the collapse is now" Mannarino warns us, "pandemonium soon coming to the streets of every nation on Earth."

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