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April 15, 2015

The Underlying Root Of Jade Helm And Its Evil Fruit Are About Ready For The Harvest Of The Slaughter - This Explains Everything We Hear About Foreign Troops In America

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By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

A document from 1961 in which the US government promises the United Nations that residents of the country of America would one day be completely disarmed gives us a look at the underlying root of why Jade Helm 15 may soon bear evil fruit as it readies for the 'harvest of the slaughter' and helps us to understand why there are now foreign troops in America. 

With Wal-Marts across numerous Jade Helm 15 states closing for 'plumbing problems', we're asked to remember the Wal-Mart/Department of Homeland/FEMA connection going back many years which takes on new meaning with the death of Posse Comitatus in America and the ability of the military's 'commander in chief' (Barack Obama) to seemingly do anything he'd like with our brave public servants, including using them to 'round up' American citizens who might pose a threat to the final imposition of the Department of State's Publication 7277, the 1961 document in which the US promises to the United Nations 'the general and complete disarmament of America'.

For those who have yet to hear of this document which offers us a 60+ year old view of what Jade Helm 15 is likely really all about, we've embedded it below for you to read for yourself as well as giving you this brief overview of the carrying out of this document that may soon lead to despicably evil actions taken by cowards against Christians, Veterans and Constitution-supporting  Americans.

In 1961, the Kennedy administration ordered a "Top Secret" study to determine what problems the United States would face if the world moved from an era of war to a golden age of peace. In other words, how to bring America into the New World Order.

In the same year that this "Top Secret" study was called, 1961, The Department of State put out a publication (#7277) called "Freedom From War, The United States Program for a General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World". This publication describes a three step program to disarm the American military, shut down bases and have one military under the United Nations. This "military" would be the world wide police force to be used as "peace keepers" throughout the world. The plan would include that "all weapons of mass destruction" be eliminated with the exception of "those required for a United Nations Peace Force" (page 12 paragraph one). In order to "keep the peace, all states will reaffirm their obligations under the UN Charter to refrain from the threat of use of any type armed force" (page 16, Paragraph eight) To support the UN Charter, the average citizen will need to be disarmed; so they cannot defend themselves against these "peace keepers". You don't have to watch much news to see that today, the UN forces are used as "peace keepers" throughout the world, disarming people so they can't defend themselves against oppressive governments. To quote Sarah Brady, Chair of Handguncontrol, Inc. "Our Task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed."

According to this new story from Ron Ewart on News With Views, Posse Comitatus in America has been dead since at least a 2004 DOD published document that officially spelled out its' end and warned that the insurrection act must be expanded in America. We also can see the very important Jade Helm 15 link.

The Insurrection Act is the most sweeping authority for the President to authorize and order the use of the federal troops for domestic operations. The President may not act on warning or even at the start of an incident, but must wait until the governor or a state legislature asks for federal assistance. This tends to discourage advance preparations and movements of troops-although Presidents have authorized such actions. This tiered approach in which the federal government acts only after local and state governments have failed, was workable when the cost of delayed response was acceptable, but it is inappropriate for the current situation.

This should scare the pants off you! The older Insurrection Act and the revisions thereto, have all but repealed Posse Comitatus. The President can do what he wishes, anytime he wants with federal troops. That is an awesome power.

However, contrary to what Mr. Obama might hope for, there are emerging signs that once US military members realize that they will soon be used as pawns for the rounding up and internment of Americans either before or after a 'big event' takes place, they will quickly turn away from doing the devils work and return home to protect their own families from the satanic NWO, leaving the dirty work to the hundreds of thousands of foreign troops here now. We learn from two new alerts on the website of Stephen Quayle from retired US Special Forces Ops that martial law in America may arrive very soon and many American soldiers won't allow themselves to be used as NWO pawns against Americans, necessitating foreign troops be used to carry out these illegal and immoral actions against peaceful Americans.:


Hello Steve,

Reviewing the activity on the net today, I gotta say "we're getting very lose to Martial Law". As I stated yesterday, they are purposely leaking segments of plans associated with Jade Helm, Ukraine, Russia etc. I believe they have to have Martial Law in place before the end of the year, so things are really gonna ramp up as the weather gets warmer and conditions are easier to operate in for role players/spies and other participating non-military non-combat type agencies.

From what I have researched and spent hours, days months and years analyzing, war and civil unrest are set to happen very soon-given the indicators. The question is, "will GOD show humanity mercy and give us more time"?. Well, if they keep messing with CERN probably not.

It's feels like we're living in an insane asylum, and I wish I was joking!! SEAL MAN!


This is no surprise at all. I believe that when martial law is instituted, a few months later the world will change forever, everyone on the planet will be effected. I have been a trainer for 20 years, from spec ops, sniper (My pedigree: Carlos Hathcock was my instructor), emergency management, police operations and the list goes on.

When you train troops, whatever you are training for needs to coincide/happen in short order/be used shortly after the training completes or your troops loose their edge.

Again, I believe the rounding up will mainly happen after the big event. Yes, some will occur before hand, but limited.

I also believe that the bulk U.S. personnel will walk away due to the magnitude of the event after emergency evacuations is exhausted, that is why there is so many foreign troops involved. Also, I see a percentage of foreign troops heading back home, what is left of it, because the event drives them to view things as "what's the point".

What does this all create? It sets the perfect stage for the antichrist to come on stage, and he will come as a peacemaker for all nations/have all the answers (One part of The Great Deception).

Intellihub shares with us why the shutdown of various Wal-Mart superstores across southern Jade Helm 15 states is so important and how Wal-Mart links to the DHS and FEMA go back many years.

In a report published in July 2014 on, Shepard Ambellas outlined a plan by the Department of Defense and FEMA to use, “abandoned or unused department stores, shopping malls and warehouses as camps to accommodate the mass human influx from South America.”

Although FEMA has used a massive influx of immigrants as the reason for needing detention centers, their power to control the entire country in the event of a martial law scenario could easily lead them to use the centers for American citizens.

You can see the 'Freedom From War and the US Program for General and Complete Disarmament' embedded below. We have to ask, how does the US government plan for a 'peaceful world' when they're getting ready to kill every American who doesn't abide by their terms? Would that be called the biggest contradiction of all-time? 

Freedom From War Disarmament 1961 Gov

The videos below look more into Jade Helm 15 including the 1st one showing actual recent drills in Yuma, Arizona as well as videos on the criminalization of political dissent and the Wal-Mart closures in Jade Helm 15 states with the end of Posse Comitatus in America in much more detail including the fact that no permits have yet been sought to do any Wal-Mart plumbing work!




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