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December 29, 2014

The "Big Event" Is Coming - Are You Ready?

By Susan Duclos


Watching an older Alex Jones interview with Ron Paul which had been reuploaded recently, I was struck by Jones' question of the "big event" that was coming, his specific point was the collapse of the US dollar, but in reviewing recent past events, from the lockdown of whole cities in what some referred to as a "beta" test, to the continued militarization of state and local law enforcement, to the alliances forming around the globe, all against the US, to the demonization of Russia & China, to extreme weather events that many beleive have been geoengineered, to the bio weapons and viruses and disaeases that scientists have been playing with to create doomsday viruses, to the food shortages happening all the US, in smaller towns at first to avoid national news exposure and the rising food prices, deliberately fomented race wars..... all that and the massive preparations being seen by the elites for some type of major "event."

Does anyone know exactly what the final event will be? The straw that breaks the camels back? If so, they aren't telling "the people" but financial gurus, trends experts and those with insider knowledge have all been warning us of the "big event" that is coming as well as the preparations being made by globalists for said event.

Whether readers are those that have been following the warnings and watching the signs, or those that just "feel" that something huge is coming, or even those that believe that prophecy is playing out before our very eyes.... most know that chaos is coming and the world as we know it is about to change, not just earth changes, but a fundemental shift in the global power structure.... all signs are pointing to an endgame scenario of some kind.

It is not even clear what the initial catalyst was or is, with our attention being divided in so many directions, riots and protests, the economy, politics and elections, Russia, North Korea, China, Syria, Iran, etc...... Ebola and the mysterious illness attacking children across the country, and more. So much is being thrown at the public all at once that is becomes quite clear when stepping back to the look at the big picture that NONE OF THIS IS ACCIDENTAL OR RANDOM, it is all being done by design to distract and divide the populace until it is too late to stop the momentum.

Does it really matter what the big event will be or what the first domino to fall actually was? Or is it more important to ask ourselves if we are prepared for the fall out? Whether that preparation entails stockpiling food, water and other emergency supplies, or spiritually preparing for the last days.... are you prepared?

Are you ready?


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