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January 19, 2015

US Assassination Squads Are Real! Bankers, Scientists, Truth-Tellers..... Who Will Be Next?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


The response to the latest "murder/suicide" report of screenwriter David Crowley, along with his 28-year old wife and 5-year old daughter, has been nothing short of astounding. Commenters on the article as well as on the ANP Facebook page have proven, once and for all, that people are starting to wake up and connect the dots to what is a very, very ugly picture.

You can read the entire saga of this latest death here, but bottom line is this is just the latest in a long line of truth-tellers, scientists, bankers and others that have turned up dead and these deaths have been very convenient for the global elites. Crowley had been working on a movie to expose where America was heading... police state, FEMA Camps, martial law, etc.....

Pipeliners, as we have been dubbed by reader Ms. Betty King, have basically provided everything for this article, from the reminder of US government programs used against other countries, but seems to have been reactivated (most likely under another name) to be used against Americans now, to reminders of the long list of scientists, astronomers and microbiologists that have mysteriously died over the past couple decades, to the recent slew of bankers that have also mysteriously "suicided."

Via Spychiatrist:

Another patriot suicided?

Who's taking these people out? Is this an Operation Phoenix ( style hit or are programmed multiples doing this? These people were dead for four weeks and no one noticed? What about the name Crowley, is that coincidence?

Has anyone made a list of all the patriots dead under suspicious circumstances? I remember listening to Bill Cooper's Hour of the Time the very day that he was taken out by Arizona Sheriff's Deputies. That was a jolt to reality. Mark Koernke from the Michigan Militia was railroaded into jail in the mid-nineties. There was an operation during the Clinton Administration called Operation Decapitation to take down the Constitutional Militia's utilizing false flags like the OKC bombing. The siege on Randy Weavers family by the FBI, etc..

Christians need to be fasting and praying for each other and for the watchmen and those that are on the cutting edge of telling the truth.

Pray and fast and seek Jesus while he may still be found brothers and sisters

Darrell Ross Calhoun, from the ANP FB groups reminds us of the extensive documentation of scientists' deaths, from 1994-2003 here and from 2004-2015 here. Raymond Mars, also via FB "Smells like a governmental sponsored assasination to me." Mars continues on to say "I don't believe in too many coincidences, there are people out there pulling Obastards strings as well as the strings of other people."

Commenter catsarecool writes "I helped the Indiegogo funding. Guess that means we'll never see the movie. I wonder what he knew to get him killed like that. Bob Smith responds "His movie "Gray State" would wake too many people up. It could not be tolerated."

Commenter SWIFT gets to the heart of the issue, showing that at some point an alarm went off and many, many people woke up, started paying attention, when he states "Too many suicides, car and plane accidents, heart attacks, for this all to be coincidence. I know these types of things happen, but the odds are becoming too great, that so many patriots are being offed. It is my belief that enough deaths among patriots, have moved us out of the conspiracy theory light, into a factual covert war."

Same comment section, via lucille rothstien, "This is the same old same old MO, the mafia has been using forever, they silence all those they think know too much and or maybe a problem to them when they are trying to implement their tactics. This is not suicide this is just murder they think nothing of it. They are planning the deaths of billions of people and they have already killed hundreds of thousands in the near past, and have killed millions over the several last two world wars. Anybody think any different is just plain old stupid or willingly denying it."

Jack Clancy reminds people of not only the scientists, but the slew of banker "suicides" seen in 2014, to which we were warned by V The Guerrilla Economist, via SQ Alerts, first that they would happen, and second that they were targeted for assassination by "hit teams" that were fully operational!

Alleged Comment writes "Yes, it seems strange the ones we want alive are all found dead and suicide is always the reason, notice that? And the ones bringing this destruction, encouraging it and even fomenting it behind the scenes always live and move up even. I think we know who they are. Someone is sending death squads using inside information about their targets whereabouts and habits (really easy now) and then move in for the kill. We are being betrayed, in case ya didn't notice. One key is to watch for the people that always say guns are bad for everybody..."

One last comment, then readers can go read the rest for themselves, but this last one is the reason I thought this deserved it's own article, as Bruce offers up a dire warning as we look into the abyss of our future, unless we do something to change that future.

Dear People, Sadly this is not the first, and will not be the last, The ones who present the highest threat value will be removed within the first { few }rounds, That would be anyone who understands "Modern" methods employed by the military in round up's who is no longer within the ranks of active duty, or persons who really do speak TRUTH to the mass's.

Persons who report truth, as it is, {not as one thinks it is,} nor woven from the fabric or the rhetoric sold as "NEWS" as that platform is 100% controlled. Sadly so too is the vast amount of TRUTHER news, as it is also controlled thus "Controlled Opposition." { That's why they, TPB, want to shut down the Internet, also close out the first amendment to much information is getting out.}

Keep in mind we are at the end of the road and the fork can go either way now.

Also - Keep in mind that the SPYDER'S web is vast beyond the scope of the normal person comprehension level's, let alone even the most "Discerning" persons can't even break the walls down at TIMES. Take every case as the single, but when a pattern evolves you have proof of what is. Think of the following cases that clearly display a pattern; { Bill / William Cooper,} he told you the TRUTH, he explained the who's, what's, why's, when's and where's.  Also, Bill / Billy Foust, he explained what's broken and how to work around it, thus "Nullifying" the broken system, as in making null and void the alleged laws.

This the PTB, really fear.

An Awake public is not what they want. LOOK UP, Billy Foust's you tube feeds. Also just so you better understand the above, what state did both of these Good Men live in? Now look at John McCain in the true light. Ask the simple question would we really be better off had he won? When you can answer that question with bare naked honesty, then and only then can you ever open your eye's to the real truth that we all as Americans face, you may even at that point in TIME start to really comprehend the TRUE value of the movie, "GRAY STATE."

One + One = 1, and its been that way since pre 1861. There is no R nor D, they are in fact one single unit with two faces. Learn who you really are, then take back your RIGHTS, and your SOUL.

Peace be with you. May GOD bless you, thus open your minds.

Read More at:  'Gray State' Movie Writer/Director Found Dead! Wrote Martial Law - FEMA Camp Movie! Another Watchman Brought Down?

Another "convenient: death I haven't seen mentioned in this series of responses, is Michael Hastings who was "was investigating CIA Director John Brennan for an upcoming expose project prior to his tragic death in a car accident."

Which brings us to the headlined question: "Who will be next?"

For those that have not seen it, perhaps now would be the perfect time to see David Morgan's February 2014 keynote speech from the Liberty Mastermind Symposium in Las Vegas, titled "Revolution: An Instruction Manual."

A huge thank you to the groups, to "pipeliners," and to every person that has been paying attention, connected the dots, and are helping to wake up those still asleep as to what is happening.

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