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February 20, 2015

We Are In The Dead Zone - Could Go On For Centuries - May Never Be Fixed


By Susan Duclos and Stefan Stanford aka Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

Chuck Hindman from Mid America Land Restoration joins Susan Duclos and I for a long overdue talk about radiation in America and what we can do to protect ourselves and loved ones and property from its' devastating effects. While most Americans are still completely unaware that America is bathing in an invisible stew of never-ending poison that falls down upon us in our snow, sleet and rain and continues its' endless journey around the world every 40 days, we're grateful to have people like Chuck to keep track of what the rest of us have been missing.

Chuck begins by telling us about his company and what he does prior to getting into the human and animal health problems that we're now seeing across America, from skyrocketting cancer rates to mysterious diseases breaking out across America to animals mysteriously dying and American eagles dying in the skies, Chuck warns us that we should all learn the symptoms of radiation poisoning, as we're all likely being affected by this invisible poison in one way or another. Warning us that since we are the 1st land mass away from Fukushima, we are clearly in the 'kill zone' and most of us don't have a clue.

Message below video is from Chuck; you can visit his Facebook page here and his Go Fund Me page here
. Charts below video show recent radiation readings from several different locations, also documented by Chuck in this video.

We here at Mid America Land Restoration pride ourselves on trying to educate everyone on all comings of contamination.

Mid America Land Restoration is here to help people in remaining sustainable and to help provide everyone one with a safer food and water supply.

Now if everyone stops and thinks about this for a little while, now MICROBES have been on this planet longer than man they have been here from creation. The MICROBES will save us from mans screw ups only if everyone understand how and why they work.
Unfortunately for trying to educate everyone on something that the powers to be do NOT want people to know about we here at Mid America Land Restoration have been under fire if you will for doing something that NEEDS to be done for the people. With much regret we are asking for donations to keep this fight going. I have moved this fight into the political word and getting hammered for doing so. Our pockets here are not as deep as an out of control power house,, sorry to say, but really one person cannot fight alone. We need your help…

There are 2 ways to help, any kind of money donation, and or share this as many times as you can, just copy and paste it and share away spread the word..

From my Family to yours as always Thank You.. and Be SAFE !!!

Now Thank You for everything...  Chuck


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