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July 18, 2021

As We Watch Dementia Joe Mentally Decline, We Note One Political Endgame For Democrats - Sneaking Kamala Harris In The Back Door To The Presidency

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As we watch, and cringe, every time Joe Biden stumbles, bumbles, and basically makes a mockery of the leadership of America, as he forgets his lines, needs notes to answer the easiest of questions, has problems reading the teleprompter, forgets basic addition, and other fumbles, we have to wonder exactly how long before he is replaced with Kamala Harris, which many believe that was ultimate goal of naming her VP to begin with.

Below we will show examples of Dementia Joes mental decline in 2021, which is spotlighted on a very public stage, before taking a deeper look into the woman that will replace him when he becomes completely unable to function.

It is hard, in fact impossible, to believe that Democrats chose Biden as their Democrat nominee for anything more than name recognition, and placed Harris on his ticket because they expected her to take Biden's place once his mental decline got to the point where he couldn't function at all.

She couldn't garner any Democrat support while running for president, so they slipped her in the back door.

Which bring us to Kamala herself, her career, how it began, how it went, and what is being reported about how she treats her staff, the lack of momentum in the tasks she has been given, such as her failure when put in charge of the border crisis.

That and much more below. 

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One of Kamala Harris' nicknames is #HeelsUpHarris, in reference to Kamala sleeping with Willie Brown, who was the the San Francisco Mayor and Speaker of the California State Assembly at the time.  Brown kicked off her career by appointing her to two state board positions.

In early 2019, during the campaign cycle for the 2020 presidential elections, Brown publicly admitted to a relationship with Harris.

Via MediaIte:

Now, political pundit Jesse Kelly has offer yet another nickname for Harris during a Fox News interview where he highlighted that "“Kamala Harris will do anything to get ahead," before dubbing her Willie brown's "bratwurst bun."

It’s the most predicable thing in the world, Tucker. Everybody watching you right now has worked for or worked with somebody who just has ambition just dripping off of their pores, and that’s Kamala Harris. Those types of people will do anything to get ahead. They treat their bosses like a crap. They treat their employees like crap.

That’s why she knifed Joe Biden in the debate with all that race nonsense. There was no need to do that. It’s the same reason she cackles like a dead hyena [sic] every time she’s asked an uncomfortable question. It’s the same reason she started our her political career as Willie Brown’s bratwurst bun. Kamala Harris will do anything to get ahead.


Crude? Yes. Then again Marines rarely care if someone overly sensitive is offended.  

True? Well, yes. Funny? That depends on individual senses of humor.

No matter how you cut it, she slept her way into her career.

Since she became a national public figure, and Senator, before being tapped to be Biden's VP, after she suspended her own campaign where she couldn't get any support for president, Harris has shown herself to be incompetent at best.

We'll start with her failed campaign for president because the reason for it, shows how fickle she is, as she wants to represent her entire "defund the police" party, yet when she was a District Attorney, she claimed the mantle of  a "progressive prosecutor," yet failed to show any type of liberal progressiveness, which is one reason liberals wouldn't get behind her campaign.

But Harris fell behind the curve over the past fifteen years, as the nation’s sense of the scope and moral urgency of needed reforms to the criminal legal system—and especially to the role of elected prosecutor—shifted dramatically. The shift revealed that Harris’s brand of “progressive prosecution” was really just “slightly less-awful prosecution”—a politics, and set of policies, that still meant being complicit in securing America’s position as the world’s leading jailer. As attorney general, she weaponized technicalities to keep wrongfully convicted people behind bars rather than allow them new trials with competent counsel and prosecutors willing to play fair. One of them, Kevin Cooper, is on death row. Another, George Gage, will die in prison without intervention from the governor. In both cases, Harris had the power to change the outcome. She could have demanded DNA testing in Cooper’s case. She refused. She could have conceded Gage’s conviction was based on the prosecutor’s decision to suppress evidence that devastated the credibility of the sole witness against him. She didn’t. 


Harris was dogged throughout her campaign by questions about her troubling acts and, perhaps more importantly, failures to act—declining to take bold stances that would have angered law enforcement officials. Rather than admit the obvious, she doubled down, insisting that she had always been a reformer of a broken system. The truth is that Harris embraced progressive criminal justice policies only when it was safe to do so, including from her seat in the U.S. Senate, after they had become popular. Harris is famous for repeating the advice, “Don’t let people tell them who you are. You tell them who you are.” 

All that was after Harris failed her first bar exam.

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Jump forward to her failures in her "duties" as Vice President.

The border crisis, which Joe Biden publicly said her put her in charge of, has gotten worse since then, not better.   

It took months for Harris to finally visit "the border," which for her and her entourage was actually 800 miles from the actual crisis areas, and that was after Trump announced her would be visiting the border, basically shaming her into going.

We have also seen a number of recent reports that Harris treats her staff like "sh*t." 

A bombshell Politico report published Wednesday describes Vice President Kamala Harris’ office as “chaotic” with a “tense and at times dour” atmosphere — a place where, as one source memorably put it, “people feel treated like s–t.”

The report, which cited nearly two dozen “current and former vice presidential aides, administration officials and associates of Harris and [President] Biden,” pointed the finger at Harris herself for the dysfunction as well as Tina Flournoy, a longtime Democratic operative who works as Harris’ chief of staff and gatekeeper.

“People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment,” said the same source who claimed staffers are “treated like s—.” “It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated.”

More recently Harris unwisely decided to speak to the issue of Voter ID, which Democrats have been fighting against, as Republicans have been stringent proponents of, as are the majority of the American public, including a majority of Democrats

In fact, the consistent pattern of polling on the question of voter ID, so scared Democrats that  House Majority Whip, James Clyburn, attempted to claim that Democrats have never been against voter ID.  

Even Washington Post dinged him as a liar for the tall tale.

Ok, so back to #HeelsUpHarris, we see that her reasoning for being against voter ID, is because folks in rural areas aren't capable of making a photo copy of their identification.

Think I am exaggerating? Her direct quote was "I don’t think that we should underestimate what that [compromise on voter ID laws] could mean. Because in some people’s mind, that means you’re going to have to Xerox or photocopy your ID to send it in to prove who you are. Well, there are a whole lot of people, especially people who live in rural communities, who don’t — there’s no Kinko’s, there’s no OfficeMax near them. Of course people have to prove who they are, [but] not in a way that makes it almost impossible for them to prove who they are." 

Shows exactly how Harris feels about those in rural areas, which coincidentally vote more conservative on issues than those that live in urban areas.

There are any number of reasons for this. Rural voters tend to be more conservative on family and social issues than city dwellers and suburbanites. They have higher rates of property ownership. And they’re more likely to be self-employed, which means they’re less likely to turn to government for solutions. As a result, the partisan split between voters is more pronounced along geographic lines than by other measures, such as income, says James Gimpel, a professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland. “There is a gaping, canyon-sized urban-rural chasm separating support for the parties,” he says.

While I am sure those rural conservatives appreciate (not) her concern, they are the biggest supporters of voter ID, which shows how intellectually dishonest she truly is.

Many believe she is just attempting to yet again prevent voters from needing ID at the voting booths which would prevent election fraud, including illegal votes and dead people miraculously voting in nation elections.

Yet another Harris failure, which was highlighted by the LA Times, was her "role" to represent the Biden regime in discussions over the election bill, which would have basically federalized national elections.

Once against she was a no-show for a job specifically given to her.

Via TownHall from the LA Times:

No dramatic trips to the Senate to court votes. No statements on how to find compromise. No known talks with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, the sole Democratic holdout in supporting the bill, or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican who kept his members from breaking ranks in opposition to even debating it.

When you are a radical liberal and start getting called out by a MSM outlet that previously treated you like a hero, you know you have failed spectacularly. 

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Her most recent fail is her refusal to be tested quarantined after spending time, maskless, with the Texas runaway Democrats that fled from home to delay a vote on an election integrity bill, after finding out three of the fully vaccinated politicans, tested positive for Covid.

Those are just some of Harris' top failure hits, but they give a good idea of how horrible she is at her job as VP, which is one of the reasons she couldn't garner any support for her presidential bid.


Democrats wanted Kamala Harris as their presidential candidate, because she would have checked all the identity politics boxes, South Asian, Black and female.

Qualifications be damned.

When it became apparent that she could never in a million years garner enough support to be elected as president, they decided to use Biden, who was already showing mental decline for his name recognition, knowing he most likely couldn't even successfully serve a full term, so they could sneak Harris in the back door.

Even before the Biden regime started occupying the White House, Biden called Harris the "president-elect, as shown below. 

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