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March 4, 2015

ANP Reader Emails Warn Of Alternative News Website 'Crackdown' As Internet Kill Switch Becomes Battle To Control All Future Information


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

All News Pipeline has been receiving many emails and comments from our readers about this story from Susan Duclos detailing the many strange events happening at alternative news websites across America as the FCC and totalitarian governments prepare to elevate their crackdown upon the internet and the 1st Amendment here in America with the FCC hiding their censorship plan as detailed in the 1st video below from Alex Jones as well as the 2nd video, which outlines Google's plans to censor alternative news websites such as Infowars and ANP.

Many believe that we are now seeing the beginning of the complete crackdown on the internet and the free flow of information and more bluntly, a battle of over who controls all future information on the internet, and described to us by ANP reader's Toni warning to us in the email below.

For the past two days (since net neutrality!) many alternative news sites, including yours, are messing with my computer, and I assume it's TPTB. Videos don't load (you can offset this by manually posting the link above/below the video), can't scroll the pages, they hang up my browser, can't get a new tab on my browser, can't close my browser. It only happens on alternative news sites and some alternative radio shows. Other sites work fine. I don't have any viruses or even cookies. Just thought you might want to know.

I was going to post in your comments under an article, but my browser froze and wouldn't allow me. Have you noticed a difference in your site statistics? I think it may affect number of visitors. Who knows what the future holds. We may all be communicating via carrier pigeons!
Susan's March 1st story told us of 'some very strange events' happening such as King World News hard-hitting Dr. Paul Craig Roberts interview called "World Annihilation Threatened - Trust Now Shattered Between Russia And The US" being unreachable and part of what some believe may beinternet kill switch testing in preparation for completely cutting off the American people off from all 'real information' as those seeking to enslave us attempt to control communications. Meanwhile,
Norse Live Web Attacks graphic below shows that the majority of attacks on the internet this very moment are coming from Military/Gov and the United States while the US, specifically St. Louis, Missouri, is on the receiving end of most attacks.

The trailer for the movie "Killswitch: Battle For Control Of The Internet" is in the 3rd video below while the 4th video is an interview with the producers of the movie and we learn what is really at stake.

Killswitch is about the battle to control the Internet--and access to information itself.

"This movie shows the harrowing costs that have been paid to preserve an open Internet," said a statement from Akorn's publicist. "Aaron Swartz was driven to take his own life, and Edward Snowden had to flee his home and country. Those costs are raising the price of our own liberty."







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