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February 7, 2015

'Berlin Wall' Being Built Around ALL Americans Leading Economist Warns!


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

According to leading economist Martin Armstrong, a new bill just proposed in Congress on Wednesday by US Representative John Katko would REQUIRE the TSA to 'apprehend and investigate' anyone SUSPECTED OF COMMITTING A CRIME, thus turning the TSA into a new branch of the Internal Revenue Service and building a new kind of 'Berlin Wall' around ALL Americans as shared by Alex Jones in the brand new video below.

We learn here that the TSA Office of Inspection Accountability Act (H.R. 719) would require TSA's 'Criminal Investigators' to spend AT LEAST 50% of their time 'investigating, apprehending or detaining' individuals only SUSPECTED of committing a crime. According to Armstrong: “This is any crime. Keeping gold in a safe deposit box is money laundering carrying up to 25 years in prison.”

Did the Berlin Wall REALLY come down back in November of 1989 or was that merely the beginning the 'next stage' of building the wall up around America, Americans and the 'free world'?

“This bill will now result in the arrest of anyone for any alleged crime whatsoever and that will apply to taxes,” warns the economist, accusing Katko of, “converting the TSA into a police force less concerned about air safety and focused more on catching anyone the government can argue violates some law federal or state.”

“It is so broad, this would apply to domestic disputes as well,” he adds.

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