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April 19, 2022

UPDATED: Stunning Shanghai Graphic Shows How China Is Destroying All Of Us Without Firing A Shot While The Media Keeps The Attention On Russia And Ukraine

Commercial ships waiting offshore after Shanghai strict lockdown

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When the MSM finally started reporting on COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, back in January 2020, we saw the massive lockdowns begin. At first the global community looked on in horror at what China was doing to it's people, and then started mimicking Chinawith  massive overreactions by the media, the CDC, and other world leaders.

Once the global community started enacting their own lockdowns, the supply chain in America, and across the world started feeling the pain. Retail stores shelves became barer, food shortages started being seen and documented by Independent Media, long before the MSM finally informed their audiences.

Jump forward to present day and China is once again enacting draconian lockdowns, only this time, under the guise of COVID "prevention" they have suspended more operations in China's busiest factories and ports for weeks at a time.

This is causing major concerns in ports in America, preparing for what they casually refer to as supply chain "hiccups." 

According to the firsthand accounts and images sent to ANP like the one below, calling what is expected due to the recent China lockdowns, a "hiccup," is seriously misleading, and once again, downplaying the severity of the shortages we are already seeing, and how much worse it can,and likely will, get. 

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North Carolina, Dollar General Store


Via a piece titled "China’s Shanghai lockdowns have California ports bracing for shipping chaos, supply-chain ‘hiccups’," we see the following information that should concern anyone that has noticed the ongoing shortages already being seen in retail and grocery stores across the U.S. ( link due to paywall)

A new wave of marine shipping chaos looms as one obvious cross-border impact of the phased Shanghai lockdowns that began in late March and followed the shuttering of tech centre Shenzhen.

Economists expect the lockdowns, if they persist, to exacerbate inflation overseas, slow the pace of exports shipped from the “world’s factory”, and weaken demand in the world’s largest consumer market.

“The more severe it gets, the more impacts will be pronounced,” said Liang Yan, chair of economics at Willamette University in the US state of Oregon. “These transport and supply-chain disruptions are going to feed into the global supply-chain problem and the US’.”

Those that haven't been seeing anything major, shortage-wise, to date, may be the next wave of consumers not able to get what they are looking for. 

These lockdowns, suspensions of  port operations, started in March, but only now is the MSM reporting on the expected complications.

It isn't just food, but electronics, car manufacturing plants, factories of all types. The "food" portion isn't that we  depend on China to feed us in the U.S., but the costs of everything from fuel, to shipping and more, all aggravate the supply chain issues already being seen, and cause further disruptions, which includes getting food to the stores, stocked and on Americans' tables. 

The Observer: "Shanghai’s Long Covid Lockdown Poses a Threat To the Global Economy"

Shanghai is also home to the world’s largest port by cargo throughput. Since the city’s lockdown, vessels arriving from overseas have been either forced to reroute to other ports or stranded on the water. Exports, which accounts for nearly 20 percent of China’s gross domestic product, is also paralyzed.

The global supply chain has become so intertwined that what happens in one country, affects the world supply chain.

We saw with America's lockdowns, the economy stutters, farmers were forced to destroy their own crops while ranchers euthanized their own livestock, because they could not get their products processed, and out store shelves started showing the results with less options, less foods and much higher prices.

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All eyes are on Russia and Ukraine, which is affecting our wheat supply, sunflower oils and other products, but simply going back to basics of learning to make our own breads, pastas, etc.... mitigates the affects we feel from that.

China on the other hand, has a unique position as what is dubbed the "world's factory," where they can quite literally destroy the global supply chain, therefore target any nation they regard as hostile, to destroy....without firing a single shot.

In 2020, while China did take severe measures, they did not completely shut down whole factories, the ports and supply chain systems, yet they were able to "see" the effects over the last two years, which showed them without a doubt how much damage they could do with just a few little tweaks in their lockdown approach.

While the Chinese people are the hardest hit by China's policies, China has never been known for their humanitarianism towards their own people, so arguments claiming "China isn't  doing this on purpose because it hurts their own people," mean nothing at all.

China saw what the initial lockdowns did to the global community and they understand what most Americans, at least those that still trust the MSM, don't:  China can singlehandedly destroy the global supply chain, targeting any country they consider hostile for more pain than others, and they can do this without firing a single shot.



While the nightly news, or cable news focuses their audiences attention on big bad Russia and the Ukraine war, China is the real danger to America and the global community.

We have given them that power and they are now using it against us.

Prepare accordingly.

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