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November 4, 2014

Experts On Americaís Destruction! Jim Rogers, Marc Faber And Warren Pollock Ė ďThe Bomb Has Already Gone Off!Ē

By Live Free or Die

The 3 new videos below from Elite NWO Agenda, Bloomberg News and Greg Hunter feature Jim Rogers, Marc Faber and Warren Pollock speaking out about whatís REALLY happening in the economic and political world around us and whatís coming next. Rogers speaks in the 1st video about Russia, China and Brazilís avoidance of the US dollar. Faber talks about how the low prices of oil will have an adverse effect on the economy in the 2nd video while in the 3rd video, Pollock compares whatís happening now to most Americans to being unaware that a massive volcano is getting ready to explode in our collective faces. Warning that a ĎPompeiií type event is coming, Pollock warns we are at the end of an age in a long cycle. If heís correct, whatís coming next?

ďI think the first part of that event is rationalization. Imagine you are standing in Pompeii just before this volcano is about to explode. All the people around you are saying this volcano is not going to be a problem for us. Thatís rationalization and dissonance. Thatís whatís happening right now. Thatís why people are still talking about the economy, even though the bomb of the economy has gone off. The financial crash has already occurred. Thatís why people are still voting Republican or Democrat or are still reading newspapers. So, people right now are in Pompey. The volcano is about to explode, and you really canít have a discussion with the people around you. Your best avenue is to realize the volcano is about to explode and try to escape the situation. So, as far as human kind is concerned, I think we are at the end of an age in a long cycle. . . . Anything that is parabolic is unsustainable.


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