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November 25, 2014

Ferguson Verdict Reactions - It's Ugly! Race War Warning, Riots, Gunfire And More (Videos & Pics)

By Susan Duclos

Ferguson grand jury renders no charges against Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.


While only one of three livestream videos from Monday night's coverage is still active, videos and photos of the reactions of protesters are coming out fast and furiously and it is ugly. • At least a dozen Ferguson businesses burn according to the AP, as KSDK5 reports that firefighters were battling 25 structure fires. • The St. Louis airport was briefly closed due to gunfire, those restrictions have reportedly been lifted.  • Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadali (D) says "This is St. Loius's race war."  • The AP reports that rocks, bottles and gunfire erupted as police fired tear gas from armored cars to attempt to disperse the violent crowds. • CNN and Fox News reporters were attacked live on-air. • An MSNBC ancor was chased off air by gunfire. • CNN's Chris Cuomo Gets Hit By Tear Gas In Ferguson.

That is a small sample of what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, but protests and violence is also being seen across the country; •  NYPD police chief and his officers are sprayed with fake blood at Ferguson grand jury decision protest. • Police were injured as protesters hit NYC. In Seattle protesters hurled bottles, rocks... reports of vandalism as cops respond with pepper spray and percussion grenades. • ABC News headlines with "Americans Rally Across the Country After Ferguson Decision."

The YouTube videos of some of the most egregious violence were uploaded throughout the night, continuing on to this morning, some of those are shown below.










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