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February 26, 2015

Take Your Money And Run!! Global Central Bank Conspiracy Exposed - Next Step: Confiscating Your Bank Deposits

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


"The bottom line: what we have now is a worldwide conspiracy between the central banks and our policymakers who are determined to keep the system managed in their interest at all costs. But who will lose in the end because of this merger? We will as a collective people." - Gregory Mannarino, Seeking Alpha

In the first video below Gregory Mannarino exposes the "lethal combination" of central banks morphing with politics as the global central banks, specifically the Federal Reserve, who in their own words must take "extraordinary measures," to prop up a failing system. Mannarino asserts that their desperation has gotten so bad that the Fed is requiring banks to buy debt (since 2012) which directly exposes depositors to an asset that can never be paid back.

We are informed that these measures will assure the banks' survival in the worst of time as he asks "what about yours?"

In the second video below, author, attorney, speaker, and activist Ellen Brown†joins Dan Schultz at New Culture Radio, and tells us†the next step in their disastrous plans, the legal mechanisms already in place, is to confiscate depositors funds. As has been explained before, once money is deposited into a bank it no longer belongs to the depositor who is then considered a "creditor" and when the banks can no longer pay their bills, those depositors are last in line behind their other creditors.


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