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November 15, 2014

Heads Up! RADCON 5 Alert - Midwest! Extremely High Readings In California Also

By Susan Duclos

As shown in the short video below, as well as the screen shot above it, there is a RADCON 5 alert over at the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center, which tracks†about 300 radiation monitoring sites across the United States and Japan. Explaining the "colors" for RADCON1-5, the NETC page states "Radcon-1 will be the middle of RBL ( Radiation Background Level ) range and it will be compared to the Current Radiation at that monitoring station. The increase change between middle of RBL and the Current Radiation will set the Radcon levels 2 for small increase, 3 for higher increase, and 4 for the top of the range over a three month time frame. When RBL is above the radiation background range and other requirements are met, an Radcon-5 Alert will be issue and Email/Text messages are sent. If the Radcon-1 is Green/Yellow, the RBL (Radiation Background Level) is decreasing or staying the same level, like in Japan where most of the RBL are Green/Yellow."

In other words, if levels are extremely high for three months in a row, then no matter how high or dangerous the levels are, they are considered the new "normal" so they aren't listed as RADCON 5 alerts.

As you will see in the screen shot below, the Saint Charles, IL. level is over 860 CPM (Counts Per Minute) but the high listed is over 3,000!!! Below the screen shot is a chart showing what supposedly "safe" levels are.



Heading over to the Facebook page for† Mid America Land Restoration / Microbes / Probiotics, we see alerts went out yesterday, here, showing extremely high and dangerous radiation readings along the westCoast, specifically California.


More in the video below

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