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August 23, 2014

ISIS In Chicago - ' We Are In Your State, Cities, Streets' 

By Susan Duclos

Recently it was reported that a set of tweets sent out on August 9, 2014, proved there were ISIS operatives and/or supporters close enough to the White House to take a photo of a cell phone with the flag of Jihad with the White House directly in the background, with the threat "we are here #America near our #target :) sooooooooooooon," followed by another stating "we are everywhere."

A report from CBS Chicago, shows the tweet (image below) with the message "We are in your states, We are in your cities, We are in your streets, you are our goals everywhere, was taken in Chicago outside the Old Republic Building at 307 N. Michigan Ave.

Now we know supporters and or ISIS agents are already in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL..... which makes the warning from Senator Jim Inhofe that ISIS can "blow up" an entire US city, that much more ominous.


The image below is of the original threat right outside the White House.


In the first video below by Elite NWO Agenda, they ask if this could be the build up to an upcoming false flag attack and the second video is the original one I made about the threat to the White House.

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