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March 20, 2022

A 'Slow-Moving Disaster' Is Aimed Right At Us - It Will Not Be Fully Exposed Until It Is Too Late As The Food Crisis Increases Exponentially And Expected To Intensify To The Nth Degree

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As recent reports explain that while the claims by the U.S. government of there being no actual food shortages, just inventory being "temporarily low before stores can restock," even though many products take weeks to restock or the selection just disappears, the truth is these shortages may just last for years, and it is doubtful that variety, selections and fully stocked shelves will ever be what they once were.

Via Mashed:

Although our nation is not currently in "shortage" mode, and despite the World Bank acknowledging as recently as today that "the outlook for global food supplies remains favorable," the fact is that food supplies remain unstable throughout the U.S. and the world as a whole. Accordingly, discussions of food shortage and insecurity could drag on for years.

The government can say what they want, use whatever terminology sounds less negative if they want, but they cannot make Americans "unsee" what they are seeing happening at their local stores.

The so-called "powers-that-be" would like to ignore the  duration of the issue, so like with the rising gas prices, they are attempting to blame "Putin," and the war in Ukraine, despite the fact that the  rising food and gas prices, started long before the war in Ukraine.

With that said, it does not mean that the Ukraine/Russia war won't exacerbate the problem exponentially as items such as wheat and sunflower oils, will now be in shorter supply and/or more expensive that they already have been.

ANP has previously covered the wheat shortage and price hikes, and how to work around them by stocking up, learning how to make our own breads and pastas, so we aren't going to spend time on that and readers can click over for that information right here.

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As New York Post explains, the reason the war in Ukraine is making certain products harder to obtain is because the top production of those specific commodities are in that part of the world.

That problem is shortages of food and fertilizer brought about by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions enacted by the West in response.

Ukraine is a major wheat producer, but war is likely to ensure a poor spring planting and harvest. Russia is also a major grower, but sanctions and war will prevent it from exporting to most of the world.

Russia is also a major manufacturer of fertilizer; in fact, it is the world’s largest. Second on the list is … China, a nation aligned with Russia and notably unfriendly to the United States and the West. (Canada is a distant third.) That has people worried.

The Green Markets North American Fertilizer Index, already high, jumped 16% last Friday. Urea, a major fertilizer ingredient, went up 22%. Potash, another major ingredient (Russia is the top producer), increased 34% in Brazil, the world’s leading fertilizer importer. The price for standard “starter fertilizer” 10-34-0 is up 49% from a year ago and likely to go much higher.

Bloomberg analyst Alexis Maxwell calls it “a slow-moving disaster.”

That "slow-moving disaster" is hitting the world at a time when we are all still seeing shortages and continued price hikes from the pandemic lockdowns, escalating the issue to the nth degree.

The shortages and unprecedented price hikes on fertilizer affects the production of all fruits and vegetables, including those grown right here in America, which will have a long lasting affect on canned foods, and any other product that uses produce, including freeze dried fruits and vegetables.

What many "non-prepper" Americans do not understand is many of the issues we are seeing now, won't be noticed on the store shelves for months to come.

 “Due to the seasonal aspects of this agriculture industry, it takes about six to nine months for the effects felt in the market to actually work through the supply chain and reach the consumer,” said supply chain chief Nathan Carson. Operations for Chemical Dynamics, a multi-million dollar fertilizer supplier based in Florida serving 12 states. “Madly, fertilizer prices for NPK, especially nitrogen, the most important nutrient, almost rose… Not going to see those effects until the summer.”

The rise in fertilizer prices is one of the many factors that are expected to push food prices even higher this year.

“Food prices will continue to rise dramatically,” Carson said. “I was expecting food prices to increase by about 10% in the US before the mid-term, so around August, another 5 or so percent will follow by the end of the year… you will be 20 by the end of the year. Can see % food price inflation. In America it’s likely. You won’t see famine in America. Our food system is very, very resilient, but you will see shortages. You won’t have the same product selection that you’re used to.”

In other words, things are going to get much worse.

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While this is a distasteful topic, at the rate this nation is losing ethics and morals, what could not even be considered conceivable, is now horrifyingly within the realm of possibility.

Human composting being used as fertilizer for our produce farming.

As of now, multiple states do allow human composting, where dead bodies are turned into compost to be used as fertilizer. The states, thus far, are limiting the "official" uses to non-food related planting, but with the complete disrespect for life we see in the the nation today, from abortion to allowing violent offenders to roam free to continue killing, how long will those stipulations against using human compost for "food" growing, actually last?

It is a horrible thought, but one we cannot ignore because it is doubtful Americans would be told about it until too late.


There are a number of different types of fertilizer that can be made at home, allowing those that grow their own produce to know exactly what is in said fertilizer. Those methods, described at The Spruce, include Epsom salt fertilizer, egg shell fertilizer, coffee grinds, and learning to make your own compost.

Save your fruit and vegetable scraps, newspapers, grass clippings, and other compostable materials. Use them to start a compost bin or pile. Add a bit of water from time to time, and turn your pile to speed up the composting process.

When everything has broken down into a dark, rich soil, it's time to spread it in your garden.

Compost is loaded with nutrients and microorganisms that are good for your garden. It is a top-notch organic fertilizer that can be used anywhere in the garden.

There are also some excellent, inexpensive compost bins for inside, and compost tumblers to help speed up the process in order to make your own compost fertilizers.

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Between the rising food prices, the shortages, and the upcoming pain of the new shortages hitting globally, it is time to supplement your own garden produce with what is still available, as well as breads and pastas which are already showing signs of shortages at local grocers across the U.S.

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Canned Vegetables

Canned Fruits

Canned Beans


Pastas in Bulk

As the previous food shortages clearly showed us, freeze dried foods may be the last to disappear, they too are vulnerable as they need fresh produce and meats in order to freeze dry them for packaging.

Knowing that these shortages, or as the government prefers to refer to them, the "temporary unavailability of products" are expects to last for years, and will take months, before we even feel the full effects of the issues facing us on top of the prior shortages, stocking up on extra freeze dried and canned survival foods, is a must.

Note: Items chosen to link to are those with the most reasonable delivery dates and prices.

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The empty shelves from 2020-2021 were from the unnecessary locking down of whole states causing a chain reaction throughout the entire food supply chain, as well as the panic shopping that began when the media finally acknowledged the shortages, but the upcoming issues due to global circumstances will effect everything from produce to dairy, canned goods to meats.

Anything that affects farmers and ranchers, globally, will effect every aspect of the food supply, including those produced nationally and foods we import.

It is, indeed, a "slow-moving disaster," and it is headed right at us.

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