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April 19, 2015

Exclusive Video Inside Closed Jade Helm State Wal-Mart Reveals Attempt To Hide Something With Cops Guarding Loading Docks And Entrances - What Is Wal-Mart Hiding?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the closure of at least 5 Wal-Mart stores in 4 Jade Helm linked states triggering martial law and economic collapse concerns, citizen reporters are springing to action across America, taking videos and pictures of what they are seeing at their local shuttered Wal-Marts as seen in the 1st video below from DAHBOO777. Dahboo gets an exclusive report from one of his subscribers who got inside of the Pico Rivera Wal-Mart shutting down in California and reveals an attempt by Wal-Mart to prevent any information about what is going on inside of their store from getting out to the public.

Besides telling this videographer to shut down her camera as seen in the video below, the video also provides evidence of Wal-Mart setting up shelves as barriers to prevent anyone inside from seeing anything going on anywhere else within the store as well as police officers not only outside of the store but outside of the receiving docks as well, leading to concerns about exactly what it is they are expecting to receive and what they have planned for these monstrous buildings.

In the 2nd video below we'd like to thank Minister Paul for breaking down this footage in much more detail and between the blackout tape covering up the outside windows to the attempts made by Wal-Mart to conceal the rest of the store, we have to ask, what is Wal-Mart hiding?

* Why are there unmarked cars at every single entrance?
* Why are plastic coverings being put up concealing every possible way to see in to the store?
* Why have they built a strange 'staging area' as seen at 2:20 of 2nd video?
* Why all the empty shelves if they plan to reopen in 6 months?
* Why are they using the shelves to block off the rest of the store?
* Is the 2-month severance pay being received by Wal-Mart workers 'hush money'?
* Could these monstrous buildings with underground tunnels be transformed into something out of our worst dreams?

As Minister Paul points out, this whole thing stinks and while there will continue to be those who tell us these Wal-Marts are closed as an attack upon unions, a forthcoming ANP story should be enough to convince even the biggest skeptics that something sinister is going on at Wal-Mart and there's a big reason for them to be hiding what that is.

How long would it take for the 1st image below to be transformed into the 2nd?

Additional photographs below video show a Wal-Mart outside of Winchester, Kentucky that is having some work done to their own parking lot. While appearing to be unsuspicious parking lot work, one commenter mentioned it seemed like the pads being cut out are being spaced out perfectly for guard towers throughout the parking lot.




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