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September 23. 2021

This End Times Scenario Is Being Orchestrated In The Middle East Before Our Eyes: They're Forcing Us Towards Armageddon And The War Of Gog And Magog 

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By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

Just what does Iran, Afghanistan, China, Russia, India and so forth have to do with what we are seeing in this world of late, specifically in the Middle East?

At one time, long ago, Afghanistan was in part a portion of Persia (Iran), early on within the Safavid Empire (later known as the Persian Empire) where the city of Kandahar was near its Eastern border while Kabul was a Kashmir run city in the Rajput Confederacy of the Mughul Empire’s North Western border area (modern Northern India/Pakistan general area).  In about the mid 18th Century the Afsharid Persian Colonial Empire consumed most of what became Afghanistan along with some of Western India and Southern Pakistan.  While I find it interesting, it is not of all that much importance except for the background of how the players might feel about each other’s histories and long term spats.  Of greater interest, and likely associated in some way with their religious sects and attitudes, are those religious differences that make a lot of the irrational moves by those involved seem a bit more organized or of more obvious intent.  The distrust/distaste for those of the old Ottoman Empire should also be noted.

Ancient empires around Middle East and Persia area

This brief intro to more modern Afghanistan history from gives the more recent history well enough for our use; “
Ahmad Shah DURRANI unified the Pashtun tribes and founded Afghanistan in 1747. The country served as a buffer between the British and Russian Empires until it won independence from notional British control in 1919. A brief experiment in increased democracy ended in a 1973 coup and a 1978 communist countercoup. The Soviet Union invaded in 1979 to support the tottering Afghan communist regime, touching off a long and destructive war. The USSR withdrew in 1989 under relentless pressure by internationally supported anti-communist mujahidin rebels. A series of subsequent civil wars saw Kabul finally fall in 1996 to the Taliban, a hardline Pakistani-sponsored movement that emerged in 1994 to end the country's civil war and anarchy. Following the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks, a US, Allied, and anti-Taliban Northern Alliance military action toppled the Taliban for sheltering Usama BIN LADIN.”   Knowing this with our “lived through it” background of the US involvement brings us up to today.  I might also note that the Taliban was actually a CIA led development formed in Pakistan to fight Russia in Afghanistan, but that is officially denied by the USA (see highlighted and underlined portion above).

 From that same source, we read Known as Persia until 1935, Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling monarchy was overthrown and Shah Mohammad Reza PAHLAVI was forced into exile. Conservative clerical forces led by Ayatollah Ruhollah KHOMEINI established a theocratic system of government with ultimate political authority vested in a learned religious scholar referred to commonly as the Supreme Leader who, according to the constitution, is accountable only to the Assembly of Experts (AOE) - a popularly elected 88-member body of clerics. US-Iranian relations became strained when a group of Iranian students seized the US Embassy in Tehran in November 1979 and held embassy personnel hostages until mid-January 1981. The US cut off diplomatic relations with Iran in April 1980. During the period 1980-88, Iran fought a bloody, indecisive war with Iraq that eventually expanded into the Persian Gulf and led to clashes between US Navy and Iranian military forces. Iran has been designated a state sponsor of terrorism and was subject to US, UN, and EU economic sanctions and export controls because of its continued involvement in terrorism and concerns over possible military dimensions of its nuclear program until Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) Implementation Day in 2016. The US began gradually re-imposing sanctions on Iran after the US withdrawal from JCPOA in May 2018.”

Languages used are primarily Afghan Persian and Dari for the first, and Persian Farsi and Azeri for the latter.  Although there are many religions in both, Christianity has been all but driven out with mass murder and “cleansing” with the result that they both are primarily Islamic now, but of different majority sects; Afghanistan primarily Sunni at about 85~90% with Iran primarily Shia (Shi’ite) at about 90%, while Iraq ended up about 1/3 Sunni and 2/3 Shia, which has been a major source of internal as well as external conflict for them with a history of extermination events from both sects and wars with Iran.  Keep this in the back of your mind while reading further.

Iran (Persia) and Afghanistan have been neighbors and have had close relations with each other for millennia, with Afghanistan often considered an included portion of Persia until the late 1600’s when Persia tried to force conversion from Sunni to Shia forms of Islam with terrible results.  A lot of violence and heavy handed force finally ended in the early 1700’s when with help from the Ottoman Empire and Russia, they eventually conquered Persia for a short while in about 1722~1725, but that did not last long.  They do share many cultural items as they have for thousands of years, but there is a lot of animosity still.  The Taliban forces that ran Afghanistan between the Russian and US occupation of their land resulted in something over a million up to about three million refugees that were admitted into Iran, and Iran has supported the forces against the Afghan government installed by the US and still does after the US fiasco pullout.  And although Sunni and Shi’ite forms of Islam are based on the same ideas, they are often at fierce war with one another, so the ties of Iran and Afghanistan are tense and difficult while at the same time formal relations are ‘friendly’ and they are working together, they do fear each other with the Iranians having much higher education levels and likely are nuke armed by now.  This is making for a troubling situation for the world as a whole.

Iran is heavily involved in trafficking Afghan poppy products (they make about 90% of the world supply) and Afghan Shia warriors work for Iran in Syria, who are seemingly Iran’s closest ally, and has resulted in direct conflict with American units in that arena. 

Another major problem between the two is the water problem along their borders and with a severe drought in that region “the ongoing drought and poor water management are driving desperate farmers into the arms of rebel groups and violent extremists, including the Taliban” said Deutsche Welle in the Egypt Independent; A dispute over the waters of the Helmand River is a conflict that has been going on for more than a century between Iran and Afghanistan. The Helmand is Afghanistan’s longest river; it originates near Kabul in the western Hindu Kush mountain range, flows in a southwesterly direction through desert areas for a total of about 1,100 kilometers before emptying into Lake Hamun on the border with Iran, in whose territory the greater part of the lake is located. Lake Hamun, which has no outlet, is the largest freshwater lake in Iran and is of great importance for the local environment and economy….. It is not clear whether anyone in Kabul is currently in charge of the water dispute with Iran, but how the Taliban handle the country’s scarce water resources will be critical to the survival of many Afghans.”   About three years ago the Middle East Institute said Tension between Iran and neighboring Afghanistan over water rights has reached new heights as declining rainfall, prolonged droughts, and mismanagement of water resources have severely affected agricultural production, food security and availability of drinking water in both countries. Tehran has warned of retaliatory actions if Kabul does not allow sufficient water into Iran’s water-stressed southeastern region, while Afghan officials accuse Iran’s Revolutionary Guards of aiding Taliban militants to sabotage dam projects in southern and western Afghanistan.”  The US farce of a withdrawal seems to have ameliorated that situation for now, but it is still a sore spot when your family’s very survival is at stake.

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A year ago it was announced that rail traffic between Iran and Afghanistan had reopened and this month air travel had resumed, but of greater importance is that Iran resumed fuel exports to the Afghan people.  Aljazeera announced that  The “defeat” of the United States in neighbouring Afghanistan should be transformed into an opportunity to “revive life, security and lasting peace” in the country, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi says….. “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the reign of the will of the wronged people of Afghanistan has always created security and stability,” he said. “While consciously monitoring developments in the country, Iran is committed to neighbourly relations.”   Standard diplomatic fare, but with the caveat that means they do NOT trust the Taliban.  Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty said “Analysts say Iran is mulling how best to secure its interests in its western neighbor as Tehran has been playing a balancing act by providing public support to the Afghan government while also developing ties with the Taliban”.   That is a very interesting distinction, showing there is not the trust that might be required for more normal state relations as they also said “Tehran is hoping for "professional if not cordial ties" with Afghanistan's future government amid worries that the Taliban would be anti-Shi'a, persecute the Hazara minority, and adopt anti-Iran policies.”

Another RFE RL article earlier this year stated “if Afghanistan spirals into chaos -- as some Afghans fear -- then Iran could be faced with the problems created by a humanitarian and security spillover as it did during the Afghan civil war, when Tehran was faced with an influx of refugees and, later, a hostile Taliban government…. But Zarif also warned against a "vacuum" forming that the militant Taliban could try to fill. "That is a recipe for a new war in Afghanistan and we in the region cannot tolerate, with 3 million Afghan refugees in Iran, we cannot bear more burden"    So this means the situation is far from assured.

War on the Rocks agrees when they said “A senior Iranian military leader, Esmail Qaani, traveled in late June to the Syrian border town of Albu Kamal to rally a group of fighters. Normally, this type of visit would not be unusual. Qaani commands the Quds Force — the wing of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps responsible for external action — and is expected to travel to Syria to coordinate Iran’s efforts to preserve the regime of Bashar al Assad. What made Qaani’s trip noteworthy was that he was visiting the Fatemiyoun Division, an Iran-backed proxy force whose foot soldiers are Afghans from the Shiite Hazara community.

While fighters of the Fatemiyoun Division remain active in Syria, so far they have been sidelined in Afghanistan. That could change. The Fatemiyoun constitute a small but potent force with longstanding and extensive ties to Iran and could prove useful to Iranian officials as they craft their Afghan policy, especially if the Taliban continue to press their military advantage …. There are increasing concerns that the Taliban’s victories on the ground may translate into the revival of the harsh and bloody targeting of Afghan Shiite Hazaras, which could trigger unwelcome regional instability and have pronounced effects on Iran’s ailing economy”.

Yep, the situation is far from assured so keep your eyes out for a new explosion of tensions in that arena.  The Stars and Stripes agreed when they said As Western forces exit Afghanistan, Iran is watching with alarm. The resolution of one longstanding aim, the withdrawal of U.S. troops, is unleashing a separate challenge: what to do about the Taliban, another longtime problem for Iran, swiftly regaining power and territory next door.

The Afghan government said Friday that the Taliban had captured a key border crossing between Iran and Afghanistan.

Iran, ruled by Shiite clerics, and the Taliban, a radical Sunni movement, are at fundamental odds, and Iran has long bristled at the Taliban’s treatment of non-Sunni minorities.

Tehran fears both Taliban rule and Afghanistan returning to civil war, a destabilizing prospect likely to imperil the country’s ethnic Persian and Shiite communities, send more waves of Afghan refugees across the border and empower Sunni militancy in the region.”

You will not find any of that in the Main Stream Media talking puppet heads artificial diatribes and babbling sessions.  

The Center for Strategic and International Studies brings up the next point that needs to be made when they said There is a lot of talk about Chinese influence in Afghanistan and people assume that it is going to be clear sailing for China, but I think a more significant Chinese presence in the region is going to come with some strings attached. The U.S. security umbrella is not there. China's not going to have unfettered access to minerals like people have been describing. There are going to be some security implications that come with a larger footprint—even if it’s mostly an economic footprint.”   We have covered the Chinese interests in Afghanistan for their mineral wants before on ANP in a number of stories, so no need to go over that again, but note the red text just above that brings a bit of a different tone to it all.  What we do need to consider in this regard is WHY Little Joey Shisha Kopf just GAVE it to the Taliban.  I have not read anything that covers it nor any suggestions of why that makes sense of it yet.  We will need to see if we can derive the meaning from the goals of the Illuminati and their ongoing efforts to destroy this whole world and it’s peoples as that is obviously who he (they actually) are working for, and consider what the Kenyan has done for Iran in the past.

The National Interest has suggested that our withdrawal from Afghanistan has made it something that China and Iran need to figure out, taking us out of the argument.  Perhaps, however “what is clear is that the U.S. military involvement and heavy presence in the greater Middle East in the past two decades has not served American national interests. Authoritarianism and war are more prevalent today in the region than before the U.S. military build-up of the past twenty years. Post-Saddam Iraq is still a fractured country that suffers from a myriad of economic, social, and political malaise and has become a battleground between domestic Iraqi groups and regional contenders for influence. There is no guarantee that the Islamic State (ISIS) or its offshoots will not once again threaten Iraq’s territorial integrity and become a serious threat to Iraq’s neighbors, especially to Iran’s national security. In fact, Iraq today is in a state of suspension between a failed state and a permanently unstable and fractured entity.

Furthermore, reports of the U.S. military withdrawal from the Middle East are exaggerated. The Biden administration may reduce overt U.S. military presence here and there, but these may simply be either repositioning the military presence or redefining it. For example, the Biden administration has announced the termination of the U.S. combat presence in Iraq but not the U.S. military presence in that country.”   That seems to make some sense, but does not answer the question of WHY.

Moshe Ya’alon, former Israeli defense minister, echoed that sentiment, suggesting that the disengagement will implicate the United States’ position in the Middle East at the expense of Israel’s security may include a bit of the answer as given in Forward, a Jewish source, and they then said “The one area where the Afghanistan withdrawal might have a profound impact on is with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”.    That sounds a bit more like what we have been searching for, doesn’t it?  The Lucifarian Illuminati NWO need to take out Israel, or at least try to, in order to engage the full impact of Armageddon, and that is definitely in their plans although I do think it is still at least a few years away.  The mainstream bull rag MSN even stated that “China and Russia are bringing Iran and Pakistan further into their fold in a bid to elevate a regionwide strategy toward confronting the still-simmering crisis in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is looking for international recognition for its rule”  among the generic phrases that make up that article.   Perhaps in the short term, but that is far from the real goal.

The fact thatChina delivered statement to the United Nations on Tuesday accusing the U.S. military of committing war crimes in Afghanistan and calling on them to be “brought to justice.” The statement was delivered on behalf of China, Bolivia, Burundi, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela.


“The U.S.-led military intervention in Afghanistan is the root cause of humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan. By April 2020, at least 47,000 Afghan civilians had been killed in the war waged by the U.S. and more than 10 million Afghan people were displaced,” China’s statement said”as posted in American Military News shows another shot across our bow as the world clamors for the Biden regime to be censored worldwide, which in the scheme of things, can only assist in our downfall as a nation.  To me, this all seems to be leading up to the destruction of our country as a viable nation, and with the wide open smile on little joeys face saying yes, it is all intentional.  All well planned and executed thus far.   The Taliban has similarly praised China and vowed not to take actions harmful to China, which it now considers its “main partner” in rebuilding Afghanistan.”

India and Russia are also delving deep into relations and commerce with the new Afghanistan and with Iran which had been disrupted, at least to some degree, with the Trump administrations sanctions against Iran. In the coming years, perhaps even in the next decade, we might be seeing this new alignment of powers mold itself into the Russian/European and Persian coalition of forces that make up Gog and Magog – yes, I realize there are many different answers to who exactly they are, but the Russia/Turkey Gog and the Persian Magog is one of the more popular in use today so I went with that grouping.  No guarantee, but keep your eyes open.  What of China and the US involvement in that scenario?  We do not exist nor does China in the various revelations on the End Times according to many views on it, possibly having bled ourselves to death in the coming Western Pacific war.  I am so sorry if I appear to be advertising gloom, that is not my intention, but rather to give some explanation to the absurd lack of truth and real information from anything in our government, media and institutions of higher learning and sifting what I can figure out through the screens of revelations given to our Lords Prophets as I see them.  Your mileage may vary as the phrase goes, but I do not think I am all that far off although time will tell and I most likely will have many revisions required to my views as I have so often needed them before.  Amazing how hindsight is so much clearer than foresight isn’t it?

One version of participants in Armageddon

I hope I have given some insight to my original question and I am fully aware that I really have NOT answered it, but perhaps I may have given some direction to help find an answer (or answers).  An answer that the Powers That Be will NOT even ask the questions required to find an answer, let alone give anything close to an answer that matters.

Afghan delegation meets Taliban in Tehran: Iran foreign minister 


Middle East Expert to CBN News: 'Russia, Iran and Turkey May Be the Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38-39' 

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