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February 6, 2022

With US Truckers About To Take Washington DC By Storm, Globalists To Demonize 'Convoys' As 'Terror Attacks' On The Food And Supply Chain While Ratcheting Up Their Own Tyranny 

- America Is The Frog In Simmering Water, Just Before The Deadly Boil

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the attention of much of the world is on the 'Freedom Convoy' now happening up in Canada that will soon be taking Washington DC by storm in just weeks as heard in the videos at the bottom of this story, several comments left Saturday on a story over at radical left 'Mediaite' gives us a peek at how Joe Biden and Democrats will likely handle these protests, demonizing them as 'terrorist attacks'. 

With Justin Trudeau up in Canada already giving us a taste of the globalists strategy when he referred to the truckers as a 'fringe element' who were espousing 'white supremacist' ideas (since when did FREEDOM become a 'white supremacist' ideology?), has the left forgotten that their own radical left 'activists' were burning down their own stores and cities, and for months on end, while Trump was in office?

With the left already doing their best to 'demonize' and 'dehumanize' protestors against vaxxes and mandates, quite literally turning 'COVID-vax-purebloods' into 2nd class citizens as we've witnessed in radical-left run NY City and Chicago and Boston and numerous others, just check out the top-voted comment left by a braindead leftist on that Mediaite story titled "GoFundMe Caves on ‘Freedom Convoy’ Refunds as Elon Musk, Ron DeSantis Slam Plan to Redistribute.":

DMV Guy: "Freedumb Convoy." Catchy. Kind of like Covid when you aren't vaccinated. Watching Foxy and American conservatives fap to these fat maple syprup-scented patriots compare themselves to freedom fighters is high blanking larious." (His spelling errors, not ANP's! But notice what he spelled incorrectly on purpose!)

So 'freedom' is 'dumb' in the minds of the radical left in 2022? Thank GOD for the US Constitution and the AMAZING WISDOM of America's Founding Fathers for incorporating all of those wonderful 'Amendments' into our Bill or Rights, guaranteeing future generations of Americans stay FREE. And then check out this other comment from that Mediaite story which shows us the mindset of the radical left to a T.: 

Real Truth stings - Biden46: This is clearly a right wing funded operation or why would the right wing be concerned about what gofundme does in this matter at all? Why would right wing organizations want to be involved with paying truckers to snarl up supply chains in both countries and drive up prices artificially? 

Isn't this essentially a non-violent terrorist attack designed to hurt economies? The one thing that the right doesn't understand is that America will simply innovate and find another way. Do we need truckers? No. Not anymore. The humans behind those wheels are in a dead vertical. I'm looking around for self driving transport investment positions to get ahead of the line in.

With that comment not only calling out LEGAL protests as being 'terrorist attacks' but also helping to confirm this February 2nd ANP story's point, "Beware A.I. Powered Trucking In Our Futures - Has Nobody Watched 'Terminator'?", just imagine America and the world under endless leftist rule, "a boot stamping upon our faces forever", run largely by 'A.I.', along with an endless ocean of hypocrisy. Yet tyrants forget that their own limits are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress

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According to this new story over at The Hill, with a US trucker convoy coming no matter what facebook and twitter and 'go fraud me' do to try to stop it, "Joe Biden will ignore the protests at his own peril". Warning within that story that if Biden treats the truckers as poorly as Justin Trudeau has, "they could get mad", their story further explained just what 'truckers getting mad' at Biden could mean for America.: 

They could, if pushed, call for a sick-out of America’s vital truckers. Whatever supply chain problems we have had would pale before the catastrophe that could unfold if tens of thousands of drivers simply walked off the job for a day or two. Imagine what would happen to transportation costs, and inflation.

With the NTB Trucking blog putting out this story back in February of 2018 warning just how quickly the country would shut down if the trucks stop running, how prepared are you for a mess like this? 

Truck drivers are one of the most important jobs out there. NTB appreciates our drivers commitment to the trucking industry, and understand how crucial it is that our trucks run everyday. 

Recently, we found a great infographic exploring what would happen if trucks stopped. Many people outside of the trucking industry do not think about where all of their goods come from, and the severe situation that would result from trucks stopping. 

According to the article, if trucks were stopped for twenty- four hours: hospitals would run out of basic supplies, U.S. mail and other package delivery would cease within one day, food shortages would begin to develop, and automobile fuel would dwindle, leading to high prices and long lines at gas pumps. All of these conditions would happen if trucks were only stopped for a mere twenty-four hours. 

In 2-3 days, conditions would escalate even further. If trucks were stopped for a few days: service stations would completely run out of fuel, ATM’s would run out of cash and banks would be unable to process transactions, supplies of essential food and water would disappear, and garbage would start piling up in urban and suburban areas. 

By the 4th week of trucks stopping, the nation’s clean water supply would be completely exhausted. Trucks are not just needed to deliver packages like many people think, but they are truly essential to living the way we do today. 

Always remember to thank your truck drivers, as it can be a difficult job, but one of the most important!

If you haven't yet seen the infographic that story speaks of, it is embedded directly below. With even a short-term truckers shutdown taking its toll upon hospitals, service stations, fuel supplies, the manufacturing industry, the US mail and 'big medicine' across America nearly immediately, it'd only be two to three days before the food industry got firmly shellacked, bottled water, baby foods and canned meats completely disappear off the shelves as ATM's across America run dry.

Proving to us the wisdom of 'preparation' beyond any shadow of a doubt, it's also long been warned that such a scenario would lead to anarchy within 72 hours (or much less once people realize that trucks won't just start hauling food and supplies again). 

Because as ANP reader 'Leethal' had pointed out in a comment on this story by Susan on Saturday, "You FIRST need 3 things to survive. Air, water, food in that order and when that is covered you then need the equipment and survival gear to keep doing that. Based on the first one 3 minutes, the second one 3 days, and the last one about 3 weeks. Just remember you get weaker on each phase that times passes. NOTHING matters if those first three things are not secured. ;)"

And with 2 out of those 3 'absolute must-have's' mentioned by 'Leethal' sure to be impacted hugely by any kind of a truckers shutdown that went beyond a day, not to mention the absolute havoc that would be caused for the medical system and transportation system in America, just imagine what our country would look like should such a shutdown extend to 3 or 4 weeks or more, leading to no more food or water in grocery stores and our medical system looking like Venezuela's. 

So with any kind of a truckers shutdown that goes on for more than a day or so guaranteed to lead to an absolute mess, as Susan Duclos had reported Saturday in this ANP story titled "Survival Beyond The Basics: Part 2 Of The 'Original Preppers' Series - Must Have Survival Gear For When SHTF", as tensions of all kinds keep escalating across America and the world, we owe it to our families and loved ones to be fully prepared for the kind of scenario that such a shutdown could unleash.

With the totally unprepared political left in America, especially those living in the big US cities where food and supplies would surely run out first, being the first who will feel the full impact of such a 'shutdown', one theme that we believe is likely to play out should that 'worst case scenario' unfold would be governors putting the National Guard on the streets as 'truck drivers', just as we've already seen them do with school bus drivers, thrown into US hospitals while even being used to replace unvaxxed nursing home workers as well. 

Yet as we'd warned on ANP back on September 17th of 2021 in this story titled "A Huge Wake Up Call: The Globalists Just Showed Us Their Cards, Normalizing Americans To Seeing The Military Upon The Streets Of America, As Despotism Is Rushed In", such 'incrementalism' has turned all of America into a frog in simmering water, just before the deadly boil.

With dictators throughout history playing the same sinister and deadly game upon their own populations, slowly ratcheting up the tyranny before the 'death blow', we should all have our eyes wide open and be fully prepared for any further militarization of America. With the radical left already showing us their hand, the outright demonization of those who won't 'comply' with their agenda, as we've seen time and again through history, such 'demonization' so often leads to outright genocide. 

So with America's Founding Fathers ensuring that the 2nd Amendment would be the American people's final line in the sand against tyranny, and even Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard recently  warning of 'Dictatorship' ahead for America if the 'global elite' continue spewing their propaganda and carrying out censorship, Americans should be fully prepared for anything and everything in the days, weeks and months ahead as American truckers do what they can do for freedom and signs everywhere the globalists will do everything in their power, including false flag terrorism, to complete their take-down of freedom, once and for all.

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