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May 1, 2015

Exposing Jade Helm 15 - Internet 'Kill Switch' Being Tested For Full Activation When 'Round-Ups' Begin?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine



A series of events have occurred that indicate an acceleration in attacks against Alternative Media sites after the leaked Jade Helm 15 documents were first published by ANP on March 13, 2015, which lead us to believe that the government is preparing to silence voices of dissidents when they start implementing their endgame agenda.


When the so-called "Net Neutrality" bill was passed ANP published an article titled "The Day We All Go Silent - Availability Of The Truth Is Just About Over For Alternative Internet News Sites And Blogs," where we described attacks on freedom of speech from social media, to Google, to YouTube (owned by Google), as well as commentators informing us that they could not access Alternative News websites a problem that has been ongoing ever since.

ANP followed up with a warning via a reader of what was coming, article headline was "Alternative News Website 'Crackdown' As Internet Kill Switch Becomes Battle To Control All Future Information," detailing a number of those strange events.


After ANP published the Jade Helm 15 document, the Internet exploded into action, with Alternative Media doing the job the mainstream media refused to do, exposing an operation that would take place in multiple states around the US, with some listed as "hostile," with the US military training for "surgical strikes," and "extractions." This has been called "unprecedented and dangerous" by  Lt. Col. Roy Potter who was a member of the military, including special intelligence operations, for over 28 years.

The military, caught off guard, instantly started pushing back, first using the standard line of having not determined the authenticity of the documents, then the MSM was forced to finally acknowledge Jade Helm 15, taking over a month to report the documents and associated map were genuine.

The Army, in an attempt to garner public support, held an open meeting in Texas, which is listed as one of the "hostile" states in the Jade Helm Documents, in which the spokesman, who was grilled at length by awakened citizens, admitted the training would include the "round-up and detainment" of role players during that training.

This has led to Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordering the Texas State Guard to monitor the Jade Helm exercises, his letter to Major General “Jake” Betty, embedded below, via Zero Hedge.

Abbott Jade Helm by zerohedge


On March 13, 2015, after ANP published those leaked document which made their way across the internet, being linked by Drudge and others, with many embedding the document, Steve Quayle, who is never timid about exposing the truth the MSM would rather avoid,  posted a link to that article, kicking it into high gear and guaranteeing it would be seen, shared widely and exposed.

A very concerned reader emailed us recently with the subject line of that email listed as  "All alternative news sites all being blocked here" where she stated in the body of the email "I can load any page except an alternative news site." The ANP reader followed up with screen shots from her mobile device, shown below.




Quayle also tells me that he has been informed by military members that they would face disciplinary action if they are caught accessing his website,

ANP may have considered this just a fluke since a follow up email from our reader informed us that while this was happening to everyone at her place of employment, it last for only about a half-hour, then they could access Alternative Media sites again, but the next day, members of the ANP Facebook group reported other disturbing trends they noticed.

The original message captured my attention fast, as it stated "Seems All News Pipeline is under attack," with others indicating wasn't only ANP they were getting error messages on when trying to share, but TruNews, the Hagmann and Hagmann video, Christian pages and videos, among other articles on topics TPTB generally would prefer not to garner attention.... specifically, Jade Helm as the messages below from that FB thread shows.

Heads up, lots of things "Jade Helm" are getting removed.


I tried to write a post on an article about Jade Helm. It appeared for about 60 seconds and disappeared. I was unable to retrieve it so tried again x 3 without success. Finally I was able to post a very short blurb with the video and it went through. The original post was about 3 paragraphs long. SOMEBODY IS WATCHING AND NOT LIKING WHAT THEY SEE!


We know the government is fully capable of disabling communications, as the ongoing legal actions, briefs and arguments continue after they did so in San Francisco during a peaceful protest (more on that here).

We also know that it is the Alternative Media that has been exposing things like Jade Helm 15, long before the MSM even addresses it, and they only do so after the Alternative Media sites make it explode across the Internet.

Which brings us back  full circle to the headlined question, as to whether a form of an "Internet Kill Switch" is being tested for activation if conspiracy theorists are correct and Jade Helm and other training exercises (as the one in Florida where officials trained in martial law round-ups in March, reported here at ANP) are actively preparing to round-up dissidents.

After all, as news exposing Jade Helm 15 proves, it is the Alternative Media that will undoubtedly be the first, perhaps the only ones that would report such actions, and what a better way to keep the general public UNinformed than to shut down and/or block those sites that would show the videos, images and eyewitness testimony.

Hi, my name is Kevin and I am writing you this letter in regards to a story I just read on your site ANP.  I was shocked to hear others are having a issue loading just alt media sites.  It all started for me about 2 months ago.  Google, fox news, espn, amazon all load perfect everytime but about two months ago I have had MANY times were I cannot load ANP, infowars, steve Q, and I though I bet its the GOV. blocking me but then I said that might be far fetched but deep down I was still unsure.  Now I am absolutely positive all ALTERNATIVE MEDIA will be blocked soon was SHTF.  Just wanted you to know I am experiencing the same stuff and I have a solid connection.  My location is Northern California near Sacramento in sierra foothills.

Keep up the great work and God Bless.


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