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March 8, 2015

The Day We All Go Silent - Availability Of The Truth Is Just About Over For Alternative Internet News Sites And Blogs

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


While many will tell you the day is rapidly approaching where the truth will no longer be available to the masses because the mainstream media is nothing more than an arm for US government propaganda and some Alternative News sites are being created with the sole goal to provide disinfo in order to discredit Alternative Media as a whole, while those trying to share the truth are being targeted, attacked and gagged, I submit and will show you below, that day is already here.

The links below are not to some Alternative News site, nor are they opinion, they are to sources that are considered "factual" by Google's news algorithm, so please click them, read them, understand them before continuing on to see how the government, with the help of Google and social media platforms are putting in place a system which will make the availability of the truth a thing of the past.


Since I mentioned Google's new algorithm, we will start with that, explained at the Cornell University Library, titled "Knowledge-Based Trust: Estimating the Trustworthiness of Web Sources." The authors are Xin Luna Dong, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Kevin Murphy, Van Dang, Wilko Horn, Camillo Lugaresi, Shaohua Sun, and Wei Zhang

The quality of web sources has been traditionally evaluated using exogenous signals such as the hyperlink structure of the graph. We propose a new approach that relies on endogenous signals, namely, the correctness of factual information provided by the source. A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy. The facts are automatically extracted from each source by information extraction methods commonly used to construct knowledge bases. We propose a way to distinguish errors made in the extraction process from factual errors in the web source per se, by using joint inference in a novel multi-layer probabilistic model. We call the trustworthiness score we computed Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT). On synthetic data, we show that our method can reliably compute the true trustworthiness levels of the sources. We then apply it to a database of 2.8B facts extracted from the web, and thereby estimate the trustworthiness of 119M webpages. Manual evaluation of a subset of the results confirms the effectiveness of the method.

The entire 12 page PDF can be found here.

Sounds good on paper, but in reality there are many instances where had this alorithm been applied, the truth would never have been revealed. One high profile example off the top of my head out of the dozens and dozens out there, would be the IRS scandal where they targeted Tea Party Groups and Patriots, which was considered a "conspiracy theory" for  years until Washington Post reported that an IRS employee, Lois Lerner publicly admitted it and apologized for said targeting.

Then we have the chemical weapons attack in Syria which the Obama administration blamed the Syrian leadership but Alternative Media, using video footage from the Obama backed Syrian rebels themselves, proved to the public that there was a legitimate question as to who was responsible. Alternative Media hammered those videos, the rebels admitting they conducted the attacks, relentlessly and people awakened, rose up, refused to allow Obama and congress to take military action against Syria based on lies.

According to Google's new algorithm, sites that had reported the IRS targeting would have received less traffic because the targeting wasn't in their "knowledge base," therefore it wasn't the "truth" according to Google.

We starting to see the danger of an organization deciding what is true and what isn't?????


Then we have social media sites like Facebook and their "new" rules and options which would allow any group of people to concentrate an attack on any article, declaring it untrue or a "hoax," therefore being "hidden."

For that we will go to Reuters, who headlines with "Facebook clamps down on fake news stories."

Facebook Inc said on Tuesday it has taken steps to clamp down on "hoaxes" and fake news stories that can spread like wildfire on its 1.35-billion member online social network.

The company said it had introduced an option to allow Facebook users to flag a story as "purposefully fake or deceitful news" to reduce the distribution of news stories reported as hoaxes.

Facebook said it will not remove fake news stories from its website. Instead, the company's algorithm, which determines how widely user posts are distributed, will take into account hoax reports.

"A post with a link to an article that many people have reported as a hoax or chose to delete will get reduced distribution in the News Feed," Facebook explained.

What Facebook doesn't do is demand proof that a story is a hoax, all people have to do is start an orchestrated campaign to flag any story as a hoax and BOOM, distribution is reduced.

Make no mistake, there are a LOT of hoaxes and satire being reported as news, but without demanding proof that an article is satire, fake or a hoax, Facebook is allowing people AND/OR paid government "trolls" to prevent legitimate news or legitimate articles asking questions or pointing out government corruption from being seen, to stifle those attempting to get the bottom of the truth.


Then we have another Google entity, YouTube, which has given government agencies and organizations the power to "flag" up to 20 vidoes at a time, via CNET:

Around 200 people and organizations have been given this flagging super power, according to The Wall Street Journal. Among this elite group is the British police unit, according to the Financial Times.

These special people and groups have the ability to flag up to 20 videos at once to be reviewed by YouTube staff. According to the Journal, 90 percent of the videos flagged by these people get pulled from the site or restricted to only adult users -- this is a far higher pull rate than videos flagged by the average YouTube user.

Are we starting to see a pattern here folks????


Then we have the recent passage of the so-called "Net Neutrality" bill, a 332 page bill, which the public was not allowed to see or comment on, but which Google was (they were also allowed to tweak it) and which many say is the end of Intenet free speech.

Going only to the Democrats on the Commission seems highly suspicious, since Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt spent the last twelve weeks as one of only 11 members on the “Democratic Victory Task Force,” according to a document just leaked by the Naked Capitalism blog. Schmidt helped craft the “National Narrative Project” to serve as the key strategy for the Democratic Party to “fight to reclaim state houses, win governorships, take back the House and Senate and protect the White House.” He is also a leading force behind fwd.US, a tech community effort to push immigration reform.

Google’s requested rule changes, which were apparently accepted by the three Democrats on the five-member FCC board, came to light less than 24 hours before the historic FCC vote. Politico warns, “The last-minute revisions, however, demonstrate the growing influence of Google, which has become a major lobbying presence in Washington.”

Republican FCC member Ajit Pai has said the two Republican Commissioners oppose the new rules, because “Courts have twice thrown out the FCC’s attempts at Internet regulation.” On January 14, 2014, the D.C. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals struck down most of the FCC’s November 2011 Net Neutrality rules. The Appellate Court vacated the FCC’s “anti-discrimination” and “anti-blocking” as essentially discriminatory, empowering FCC political appointees to dictate what content they believe is honest, equitable, and balanced.


The day the "Net Neutrality" bill was passed some strange things started being noticed, not only by those of us that wrote about it, but we started getting reports from readers, emails of people recounting what they are now experiencing ONLY when they attempt to visit Alternative News sites, making us wonder if the much-talked about Internet Kill Switch is being tested.

You can read many of those comments in the two related articles linked below, a small sample of which I will copy and paste below the links:

"This Is Just The Beginning" - Strange Events Happening At Alternative News Sites - Kill Switch Being Tested?

ANP Reader Emails Warn Of Alternative News Website 'Crackdown' As Internet Kill Switch Becomes Battle To Control All Future Information

SHARON COMMENTS "susan Good Morning, Susan Have Had Nothing but trouble with My Internet since The Day they Took over, The Day Service went out totally, Can't bring in poplar fav sites, Can't tweet the Site to share with Others,just now when trying to re-tweet Dave Hodges report it stuck on where u X out after tweeting It Little Black boxes Appeared & couldn't get out of the site, its thing after thing, I really like the ones that say, You been banned from this Site, then went back to it later with No! problem. Yours I got 503 can't connect something like that, took 3-4 times then got on. Hawk video went out, Hagmann's went out, does a Double flip goes Half page Black Had To Boot up 3or 4 times, Sound won't come on. What Did Children Take Over or Green Aliens? What Are They Doing,I thought it was Just Paper Change. I know talk is They are Doing Dry Runs for total shut down. Question Is Susan are people going to be talking as usual very Well Knowing your being watched & every word broken down, are we going to have the same free spirit in using as before, are people going to say,"Not worth it" ? I caught my self thinking,"should I say that" Will It be Open Converse Now ? Jesus Blessings"

NOCHIP4ME COMMENTS "I'm already seeing it. Alternative news sites either show a "Oops sorry page you are looking for.." or the site freezes up. I have a high power, fairly new system that up until the last 48 hours has worked super fast and efficiently. The noose is tightening. Control the news information and you can control the people."

KATE47 COMMENTS "Hello Susan, I live in Idaho, my provider is Century Link... I started having internet drop offs within (3 hours) of the announcement of the FCC regulations that we are not allowed to see... Coincidence? I think not!

This is now Saturday Feb. 28, 2015 and I am still having the internet shutting down ( 15 to 30 minutes at a time), as well as the DSL showing it is down..(THAT has NEVER happened before)... I have had the internet drop off before but never the DSL (phone line) into my modem down too! This Saturday shutdowns continued to happen through out the day.... (PS: It is now Sunday March 1, 2015) and I have already had (1) "total" internet shut down this AM... All of my diagnostics show the outages are UPSTREAM from my PC and Modem...

So, it is certainly going to get worse I think...

The Gov. has been working on this for several years 10 to 20 at least, so I suspect they are checking, (beta testing?) to see if all of the systems they have installed on the providers servers all across the network, are going to work on command...Looks to me like they got it down pat... Just wanted to add my experience so far to all the others you are hearing about...

TONI EMAILS "For the past two days (since net neutrality!) many alternative news sites, including yours, are messing with my computer, and I assume it's TPTB. Videos don't load (you can offset this by manually posting the link above/below the video), can't scroll the pages, they hang up my browser, can't get a new tab on my browser, can't close my browser. It only happens on alternative news sites and some alternative radio shows.  Other sites work fine. I don't have any viruses or even cookies.  Just thought you might want to know. "

ANP s also being notified by other website owners that some very strange occurrences are being seen, for example, they are attempting to link to a page, then state that the link "disappears before my eyes," having to work twice as hard to simply place a link or get the news out.

AUTHORS NOTE - Alternative News has grown into a powerful force and that is unacceptable to The Powers That Be, they lost control of the information, the message they want the general populace to believe, their spin, their propaganda and the aforementioned, with linked proof, is their attempt to take control back.

The point here is your Internet is already being censored and the availability of truth is just about over for Alternative News sites and blogs.

TO OUR READERS -While journalists have dozens, maybe hundreds of sources, there is no better source for what is happening in your neighborhood, your home, your city and to what you are experiencing, other than you....... millions of people use the internet, and ladies and gentlemen, that makes you, everyone reading Alternative MediA and commenting,or emailing, sharing.... the ultimate source and the ultimate resource to spreading the truth and bypassing those that want to control the flow of information.

ANP has been told by a trusted source that "we are so close - any extra money you guys have, re-route it to food and prep."

I would suggest anyone reading this do the same.



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