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March 6, 2015

WW3 Update: Russia Prepares For War! 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The west led by the US has been systematically and deliberately pushing Russia towards the point where war, the often spoken about World War III, a nuclear war, is on the horizon and recent headlines show us exactly how close we are to a war no one can win.

To make a long story short on how the world came to be on the verge of nuclear annihilation, after the Syria debacle where Russia stepped in a prevented the US from starting a war in Syria to oust Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, the US orchestrated and funded Ukrainian rebels to oust the duly elected Ukrainian president. Russia stepped in to protect the pro-Russia segment of Crimea, just as the US predicted they would.

The US then labeled Russia the "aggressors," and started trying to destroy Russia economically with sanctions while running and ongoing propaganda campaign.

This has led experts such as former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts to declare "Washington’s attack on Russia has moved beyond the boundary of the absurd into the realm of insanity," in an article titled "Russia In The Crosshairs."

Which brings us to where we are today, where NATO is now using the Ukraine "crisis" which the west created in order to advance towards Russian borders and as the graphic below shows, the US already has military bases n Russias backyard, so to speak.


Another interesting tidbit before seeing what Russia is doing now to prepare for war, is that Russia predicted two years ago, that "an overseas entity would use a false flag assassination within Russia in order to create an “involuntary martyr” that the Western media would use to demonize Russia."

Six days ago, Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was assassinated, just as Russia predicted two years ago and via Paul Craig Robert's website, we see the predictable response from the west.

According to this report by The Saker, , the Washington-financed Russian opposition has not, as Washington hoped it would, joined the Western anti-Putin media campaign. Possibly the Washington-financed Russian NGOs have wised up from observing events in Ukraine. In place of “more democracy,” they got a Washington stooge government squandering Ukraine’s last cent on a losing war.

The most likely explanation of Nemtsov’s murder is that the CIA decided, as Nemtsov was completely marginalized as an opposition politician with 5% as against Putin’s 85%, that Nemtsov was worth more dead than alive. But the ploy, if that is what it is, has not worked inside Russia.

Part of the circumstantial evidence that Nemtsov’s murder was a CIA tactic to destabilize Russia is the orchestrated US media. The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and the rest of the presstitutes were ready on cue with reports insinuating that Putin was responsible. Stephen Lendman has done a good job tracking the US media’s unquestioning adherence to Washington’s propaganda line.


Two days ago Russia started an "unannounced test of strategic nuclear weapons readiness," near the central Russian city Yoshkar-Ola, according to the SMF's press center.

"The Committee of the Command of Strategic Missile Forces is conducting an unannounced test of the condition and security provisions of nuclear weapons in the Yoshkar-Ola Missile Unit," the SMF's press service said in a statement.

The Yoshkar-Ola missile unit is armed with the Topol intercontinental nuclear-capable ballistic missile complex.

Via Newsweek we are reminded of the following:

Tensions between the West and Russia over Moscow’s backing of separatist rebels fighting in Ukraine have also prompted Russia to pull out of the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit and issue frequent, public reminders of its nuclear arsenal in the form of drills and tests.

Russia combat jets are also conducting "mock" attacks on NATO warships, prompting the following report from Sputnik on Twitter:


March 5, 2015, Financial Times headlines with "Russia launches war games in disputed territories," where they state the following:

Foreign military experts in Moscow said the overall level of drill activity since the beginning of the year was comparable to the same period last year. Yet the latest exercises were being viewed as a message. “That every exercise at the moment also carries a signal to the west regarding Russia’s readiness goes without saying,” said a European military official.

Those war games included Russian bombers delivering strikes at ground targets according to TASS.  On March 2, 2015, TASS also reported that Russia had expanded the list of regions that would be patrolled by combat bombers.

In the Cross Talk segment below, RT is joined by Ray McGovern who is a former CIA analyst, Gibert Doctorow who is the European coordinator for the committee for East/West Accord and Neil Clark who is a jounalist and broadcaster which specializes in Eastern European affairs, as they discuss the "Dangerous Spinning of the Russia Story" stating in the video details that "It would appear those looking for more tensions with Russia are winning the day."

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