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November 20, 2014

Shocking Footage Of Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre Footage Released "In Protest Of International Silence"

By Susan Duclos

Via an email to ANP from The My Israel organization, we see shocking footage from the recent massacre in Jerusalem released in protest of the "international silence."

Email in full below:


Jerusalem- The MY ISRAEL organization has released a shocking new video following this mornings barbaric terrorist attack that killed 4 innocent worshipers and injured an additional 8 others. The video contains graphic images from the scene of the attack in which two Arab residents of Jerusalem entered a Synagogue during morning prayers armed with firearms, axes and meat cleavers with the explicit intent of killing and maiming as many Jews as possible.

MY ISRAEL decided to release the images in protest of the international silence in face of weeks of official incitement from the Palestinian Authority and its President.

Sarah Haetzni-Cohen, My Israel CEO said : " The video is hard to watch but the horrific images are important for the world to see, as they demonstrate the inhuman cruelty of Palestinian terrorism against innocent Israeli civilians. This cold-blooded murder in a house of worship needs to be seen, to understand the real danger of incitement and Islamist terror. Only people that have been fed pure unadulterated Jew-Hatred would be able to commit such an act. It is time that the world understands that the State of Israel is on the frontlines of the fight against international Islamist terror. "

The video can be seen here, warning it contains very graphic imagaes:

Avi Hyman†|Managing Director, Israel Office| Steinreich Communications



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